Sound Signals Bios. Or Post Codes

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As you know, when you turn on your computer, the first thing zapuskaetsya system BIOS, the chip protection on the motherboard. BIOS has pursued a consistent validation of computer components: CPU registers, RAM, video card, … and so on. If all tests are passed successfully, BIOS issues of the built-in speaker a short beep and then displays the computer's internal information in the mode of VGA. After that, the CPU is transferred installed operating system, however, if the BIOS has found what the fault of the system unit will distribute a variety of whistles and squeaks. Depending on the type of signal can be detected neisprvnost. And understand that fails to computer. Below is a table of sound signals from Award BIOS and AMI. Beep once marked (*) denotes a long signal (-) AMI BIOS signals a possible fault is no power supply ** RAM parity error *** Error in first 64KB RAM 4 * Malfunction of the system timer Neisprven 5 * 6 * CPU Neisprven keyboard controller is faulty 7 * 8 * motherboard is faulty video memory 9 * checksum error BIOS 10 * Can not overwrite CMOS 11 * Faulty system board cache – * Defective video card – * Defective video card Award Bios * * Minor bugs – – – Neisprven keyboard controller – * Error RAM – faulty video card * – 9 * * Error reading ROM, repetitive Broken power supply -, recurring problems with memory flew uninterrupted power supply