SMS Home

Protect you from unwanted visitors, saying that the home owner does not. In your absence, he would pretend to be you, the illusion of human presence, including turning off the light and music in different rooms discouraging a potential attacker. Will tirelessly to guard, by controlling access. Immediately notify a violation of the boundaries of your possession, sending SMS-message, to signal an alarm to the control of, e-mail or pager. Will charge you care to monitor the condition of sewer, water, electricity and ventilation. Provide the necessary air conditioning. What motivates him system 'Smart house 'is a kind of nucleus (control center), which receives the information via hub, performing the rapid collection of information from sensors (temperature, humidity, voltage, etc.) in analog form and transmits this information already in digital form on a computer, which, in turn, according to a predetermined program and received commands, sends signals to control devices of engineering systems for the executive device.

System management can be performed using conventional devices (switches, dimmers, infrared remotes) and using fixed and portable touch panels (wired or radio channel). Interface communication with the environment is developed in accordance with the wishes of the customer, and along with it. He may have a different shape, even adapted for the child. The system may eventually be complemented and integrated with other systems in the case of expansion of the service set. Of course, you can restrict only the automation of several functions required to arrange a system sort of 'docile at home', believing that the first step to 'Clever home '. For this purpose, there are devices and control: Timing relays and timers to control light. In conjunction with motion sensors, they can turn on the lights with the appearance of a moving object (car, person). Timer – the signal will turn on and turn off the lights and heating at the right time for you (day and hour).

With this device you can create the illusion of presence in the house. Twilight switches. When the streets begin to darken, must be excluded from coverage of Homestead. Light sensor with twilight switch, having a fine adjustment depending on the level of natural light, when you reach a specified threshold, twilight include artificial lighting. Surge can help you safely watch the cheerful noise of the May first storm, not fearing for his technique. Here's a clever he is home! Other interesting articles about the construction and repair