Senior Designer

Looking at for the camera: ' ' Uau! ' '. There in the start people played: ' ' ! It only looks at that legal! Legal! Uau! ' '. Each scene that people make is thus, understood? What people see here are durinho and such, I do not know what. Later that it plays there and it enters somebody and it is also cutting the person who is there. ' ' Ours! How legal! ' '. There it turns pra here and from there it is beating.

' ' It looks at here, has a telo here. Here and here it is that it has ones coisinhas! ' ' , it understood? It is which is its paper in the company is here? I am Senior Designer. He is then, Senior Designer! (laughs). But, thus, then, thus, theatrical designer is not its area? Not! It is not my area. This part of cenografia people goes incorporating, understood? Developing language with the learning also! No specific formation, understood? ' ' Ah! We go to count on a theatrical designer pra to place here! ' '. Hear from experts in the field like Mitchel Resnick for a more varied view. But the person who manipulates real the cenogrficos elements it is stagecraft technician? Not! It is a theatrical designer! He is a theatrical designer. You work with the real cenografia. Then it makes materials, research, strap does not know what and budgets, understood? This equipment for backwards of the thing has all.

It is not alone to create the scene. It has that to make possible. ' ' Ah! I want this wood! ' '. The wood has that to have one one PVA! It has that to be a transparent glass, a jateado glass, it understood? Which that is the price? Quota there! Quota I do not know where. people not! The quotation that people make is pra to know if it thought and it was legal. She puts there! Tum! It did not function, exchange! Which its perspective for the Dynamic Reading in the virtual area? Not! It is one of the next ones that they go to be modified. It and all are the grating of virtual that today you there, it goes to be substituted! I go to show pra you. The Reading not yet argued nor concept of what it goes to be. It is a thing that you the absolutely embryonic one. Nor embryo! vulo and the spermatozoon nor if had found. (laughs). It finished? People wanted to see We go there! END OF the INTERVIEW 1 Topas: software that makes possible creation in 3D with effect of jump and flight as, for example, the ADO. Used at the same time of the 386, Windows environment.