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But it is not surprising. Cybercriminals are stealing everything that is bad 'is' on the Internet. And given that the recent market quotas on carbon dioxide emissions is gaining momentum and is estimated considerable sums of money – it is not surprising that he has suffered at the hands of fraudsters on the Internet. On Last week, hackers have stolen license for carbon dioxide emissions and then sell them to new customers. Only in Germany and the Czech Republic over the Internet had been stolen about 250 thousand quotas for greenhouse gas cost 3,000,000 Euro. Permits for emissions trading have been abducted by popular among hackers technology called phishing, which is as follows: users are asked to enter their details on a fake site, similar to the site any service. In connection with the professionally-planned management of hacker attacks on the trading was forced to suspend operations for nearly a week for urgent improvements in the system protection.

All participants received a bidding system to prevent and to update the password. In addition, from February 1, closed similar controls on emissions trading in Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Italy and Romania. All consisting in the current deal to buy rights to emit carbon dioxide are not registered and will be included in national and international registries later. Scientists have unraveled the mystery of seasonal migrations of insects How way insects that live on Foggy Albion, manage to cover large distances, migrating south to escape the cold British winter, and spring is just as hard doing a return trip to the British scientists has long been a mystery. To unravel the mystery of this unusual migration of insect scientists Rotamstedskogo Research Institute of Agriculture in Great Britain took seven years of observations of the migration insects with radar equipment. As it turned out, the insects, being on the ground, in some unclear way scientists feel that what winds blow over the earth and use them for migration.

For example, at night moths could be raised to a height of 425 meters above the ground in order to get into a wind stream. This allows the insects to move through the air at speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour. And due to their ability to choose altitude, insects can drift up to 40% more than the dust particles are also carried by the winds. For example, British butterflies travel thousands of miles away, heading in the autumn to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, where they spend winter, spring and then recover with the wind on the return journey. Findings of British scientists may have important results for the prediction of the various migrations of insects.