Rich Get Richer

We must first be clear that the potential for getting rich or achieve economic freedom, possess it all. So that wealth is not a secret, if not an equation, the adiquision of assets and avoid liabilities. Go to school – graduation it-University – graduate – find a safe job, is a cycle that does not currently serve nor solve the economic problems of the people. Just take a look at the situation of the majority and by logic view and accept that doing the same, we will not get different results. We must understand that if educational systems teach their students to be entrepreneurs to achieve economic freedom, jobs in the companies would be empty. For this reason, we should not educate a population capable of being self-sufficient economic or intellectual, or emotionally. Once we accept this reality, we will be open to take the actions necessary to achieve economic independence and freedom to control our time and lives of the way you want. Such actions represent a radical change in the way in which we think and act. A change in our most profound beliefs and way of seeing life. In the following video you will detail the major differences between the actions of the 3 classes environment to money: low, medium and high.