Ricardo Semler

Among the changes he made (some more radical than others, but in any case, quite unusual) may include: – Elimination of parking and executive dining rooms. As a symbol of democracy, lifted these privileges, the first to arrive where you want parking. – Removal of partitions, so that people and departments relate more. – Evaluation reverse: before someone is promoted or hired for a position of command, is interviewed and evaluated by everyone who goes to work at your service. In addition, every six months is subject to the assessment of persons who supervises, anonymously. The scores are publicly. – Organization: There is either not used the organizational structure, the structure was flattened to just four levels and is organized in the form of concentric circles, rather than the traditional pyramid shape. – Share of profit: We negotiated for all workers, reaching an unusual 23% of the profit of the company.

– Permission for hepatitis: every year or two years, allows a worker to abandon their usual duties for a few weeks or few months to learn new skills, recharge your batteries … The program came about because some officials said they had no time to think, and then suggested that they thought would happen if contrajesen hepatitis and had to be a couple of months out of the company. – Preference for the house: when there is a vacancy, Semco employees have priority if they reach at least 70% of the requirements. The self-created by Ricardo Semler took him to define his employees could schedule (to put their eight hours as they want), and even your salary (and oddly enough, there were many cases where someone should ask something crazy, and yes there were any of those who "fell short"). It also established a "pay at risk", which benefited almost a third of the employees, and that is to have 25% of salary up or down, depending on how you go to the company.

If the company has a good year, the employee becomes 125% of their salary, but if it is bad, 75% charged. In this way, rewards those who want to take the risk with the company, and allows labor costs are in relation to the results of company. And in their efforts because the workers make their decisions, and not rely on one person (before embarking on the changes, worked long hours every day and was very stressed out), has been discharged himself from responsibilities as a counselor to be more and usually work from home, encouraging everyone who can to do the same, as he says, promotes concentration and productivity. And as I said is that Aristotle, reflection requires leisure.