Refrigerator Defrost System

Refrigerator with manual defrosting system obsolete. Virtually all modern refrigerators with automatic defrost system, which works in two ways: the formation of the snow just does not strike allowed (such systems are called "frivolous"), or frost is gradually removed (such systems are called "weeping"). "Windy" model provided by forced circulation of cold air flows multidirectional air quickly and evenly cooled products. Condensation does not settle on the chamber walls, since moisture is derived out of it. In the simplest version of such a system is often used to defrost freezers. In models no frost frost settles only on the evaporator, which is not visible, and in the freezer does not appear.

Popular models of refrigerators Electrolux. The fan stops every few starts and the heater. The resulting water runs down the grooves in a special tray and then evaporates. If you choose a refrigerator with No Frost system, it can be washed very often (but still desirable to carry out cleaning at least once every six months). But do not forget carefully packaged foods to store in the fridge, otherwise they will quickly zavetrivayutsya, and smells very quick mix. Among other things, these models are rather expensive and consume a lot of electricity.

Automatic defrost system is constantly improved, and producers do not always give them romantic names. For example, the term 'multi-threaded cooling system', so often used various manufacturers, means that the camera is cooled by cold air flow in different directions. This method of support in the chamber more uniform moisture and temperature. The so-called "weeping" or drip system defrosting refrigerator compartment is simple and effective, and therefore used in the current model the most. During the operation of the compressor at the rear cooler formed small ice. Periodically, the compressor stops, the icicles are melting, the water flows down, in a special container, mounted on the compressor, where from and evaporate. The process is gradual and imperceptible to the owner of the refrigerator. Spot system allows the camera to maintain high humidity, which makes it impossible to quickly dry products. Models of refrigerators with a similar system cheaper than others. But we should remember that they need not defrost least three times a year. There are models of refrigerators that combine both of defrosting: cooling chamber equipped with a "weeping" wall, and the freezer fan is served, which creates uninterrupted circulation of cold air and does not freezes ineyu on the walls. The fan is usually located on the back of the refrigerator or freezer and refrigerator between cameras, but some manufacturers (both entered the company LG) inserted into the fan door. The system of "air curtain", proposed by developers (such as Daewoo), is designed to protect products against the penetration of warm air – between the door and an internal volume of the refrigerator vertically circulating cold air flow. Source: AXUM.RU – a great selection of refrigerators