THE principle: The principle of the electro-musculacion is to stimulate peripheral nerve fibers of the muscles by short electrical impulses transmitted by electrodes placed on the surface of the skin. The electrical impulses generated by the stimulators, or generators, allow to stimulate different types of nerve fibers: motor nerve, whose effect is to cause a mechanical response muscle (bodybuilding) certain types of sensitive nerve fibres to achieve effects analgesic and endorfinicos (pain, massage) the principle of operation of the electro-musculacion consists of trigger, by means of an external stimulus, muscle contractionreplacing the orders of our brain. When we decided to contract a muscle, our brain sends an order in the form of electrical currents that move at great speed through the nerve fibers. When they arrive at their destination, these electrical currents excited motor nerve that transmits the information immediately to the muscle triggering Thus muscle contraction. With the electro-musculacion, excitation occurs directly on the motor nerve through optimal electrical impulses that guarantee safety and comfort in use. ACTIONS: Redesign the electro-estimulacion silhouette itself does not lose weight, only a cardio-vascular work associated with a power control achieves this. The action of the electro-estimulacion is situated at the level of the silhouette (firming, toning) and tissues (orange peel skin, adipose panicles effect). The electro-musculacion does not replace a regime but is a powerful ally to keep the silhouette.

Optimize a sport the electro-musculacion session is used for many years by athletes and physical therapists for sports preparation, recovery and because it allows you to achieve visible and measurable results. Pain-excitation of the nerve fibres by means of electrical micro-impulsos is imposed as a technique to fight against the pain. This electro-terapia antalogica is nowadays used very frequently, especially in rehabilitation medicine and centers specialized in treatment of the pain. Accuracy of currents enables perfectly direct action antalgic depending on pathologies (dorsal pain, muscle atrophy, bone trauma or articular) * * some pathologies as well as certain post-operacionales reeducaciones need special precautions. Therefore it is advisable to consult a physician or physical therapist before any employment programs for the treatment of pain category.