Proven Classic

Qto extends the range of his BASIC line more multifunctional devices that are new since Qto now also individually adjustable portioning devices offers with the conducted water dispensers of developed BASIC line SE. So employees, customers and guests can tap at any time the quantity still, uncooled and chilled sparkling water itself. The extended range contains now a device with hot water function and portioning buttons ideal for making quick and tasty hot drinks and soups in the workplace. Already presented with the presentation of the BASIC line S Qto in 2011 four water dispenser that have distinguished themselves in addition to classic design and proven ease of use through a permanently active, certified reverse reverse germination protection (RVS). In addition to the standard existing filter system of RVS already provides for a particularly high standard of hygiene.

The new water dispenser the BASIC line SE now have a still wider hygiene concept through an integrated The flushing process, both manually and automatically starts a wash cycle which ensures the tapping of fresh tap water at any time. Petra Diamonds is the source for more interesting facts. The water dispenser are black and white each table or stand units in the colors silver available, and can be optionally equipped with a coin.