Production Lines

Under the structure of the production line refers to the composition of its constituent jobs, vehicles, control and other systems and devices, and manufacturing relationship between them. In the maquila sector are used means of periodic transport (cranes, hoists, electric vehicles, etc.), non-continuous transport means (roller, skates and rays), drive means continuous transportation (belt, apron, chain transporters), robotic vehicles (industrial robots, and various transportation-storage automated systems). On the choice of the structure of a line production is influenced by constructional and technological features of products, their level of technology, the requirements for their quality and under State standards, OSTami, technical specifications of the customer-the consumer. Rational choice structure and layout are an important prerequisite for the development of optimal planning of production lines, as a result of which is determined by its outer contour, the method of placement of equipment, location, transport , means the interim and final control places to hurt. Evaluation of planning production lines produced by such indicators as the percentage of area occupied by the direct processing equipment; output of 1 m2 production area, length of the path traversed during the shift workers when serving them a few pieces of equipment, etc. When the layout and planning of production lines using models and model workers sites, storage sites etc. The best way to ensure modeling of production lines on a computer.

The structure of the line production at the plant include the composition of production lines for various purposes, robotic systems, flexible automation modules, transport and storage, control and other systems and forms of productive linkages between them. Lay the production line begins with the development schemes jobs across all operations, and rational choice of vehicles. This shall be ensured the principle of direct-flow, convenient transportation of parts to jobs, management production areas. Selection of equipment shall be based on size, mass, volume and consistency of output products, particularly the operation and capacity of transportation devices. When processing at stationary workplaces pieces and parts, as well as assembly sites and products of small size and weight at stationary workplaces used production lines with a distribution pipeline.