Peer To Peer Service

The service can be described as playing an “of some sort between two parties whereby one party is the benefactor and the other party is the performing party receiving any monetary payment. The value of the service depends on personal experience benefactor. When I looked up in Webster, there was # 11 of the 31 definitions. The payment part was not included, but the key word mentioned was “performance.” As I relate this to restaurants, is so easy to see why room service is excellent training for actors, as it is doing all the time. There may be days when your energy level is low, however, is still expected to perform at the evening show.

It is not very different service for staff dining room whose livelihood depends somewhat on how they look and act before many people per night. The word “performance” makes little sense when applied to other service areas such as medical care, legal, financial and navy, including the religion prayer services are called. With the increase of human knowledge and modern inventions, the term “Customer Service” has evolved over time. Each time a new technology is invented, a series of “services” is developed to make it accessible to the general public with the success in terms of “high performance product and related products” The performance of services. ” Whether it’s a bulb for a bright room or a flying machine that sends people around the world faster, the need for services developed attached to the new technologies does not create jobs. Even in the computer, Internet Dial Up our “Service” provider of access to information superhighway. Instant Delivery resolved within seconds the information is now the norm. Navigation adequate “performance” (that word) to navigate through the World Wide Web rationalization of information in our hands.