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A Content Management System (abbreviated CMS) offers users the advantage of a relatively easy maintenance and updating of web content. Thus in open-source area now established some very serious solutions denVergleich with commercial systems may well take up. A problem with many CMS, however, are still insufficient to support the simple and easy indexing by the major search engines. Long and hard digestible "addresses many variables in the URLs, bloated code and little meaningful use of the usual HTML markup for headings are common problems faced by the users face. For some of these problems have modern CMS is now relatively easy to implement solutions that can be applied by users without further knowledge of PHP & Co..

Thus, there are some for the very popular CMS Joomla! plugin "OpenSEF," which provides automatically after installation for more readable URLs. More descriptive page title and a better use of headlines can be with small changes in the source code and address the use of suitable templates. It is more difficult even if you want to create a lean, possibly even tableless code. Again, there are solutions, usually in the form of so-called "core hacks", that changes in the core of the source code, which must be implemented, however, only expensive. Here it is weighed individually. There are very good examples that a CMS can also be a slightly "messy" source code very well represented in the search engine results lists, even if other important things to remember. Search engine optimization is, in most cases, therefore, for an off the shelf CMS implemented efficiently, only the measures for the optimization of the source code are usually of about larger than for static websites or individually created solutions.

The Global Economic Crisis

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Plutarch: The women when they love, the love put into something divine. Such love is like the sun, which animates nature. Sara is a woman of about thirty years old and two years of his life has been spent doing what she likes least: look for work. Before being fired from the job where he served for four years was a secretary who spoke well in the company: his co-workers and bosses considered it orderly, serious, methodical, dutiful to his duty. And besides, contributed largely to maintain the good atmosphere that was felt in the workplace. In the good weather was said to be one of the most important assets of this prosperous organization.

But then came the time of crisis and with them the programs of "rationalization of expenditure" and "austerity plans." First the staff suffered the withdrawal of some benefits, then the withdrawal of several of his companions. Among those who left this lady was serious and well organized as they all speak well. On his last day of work made him a heartfelt farewell, they said fine words, he was given a gift and a letter of recommendation y. .. accompanied her to the door. "Excuse me, but it is the circumstances. If it were in my hands would not have taken this painful decision …" said her boss as she hastened her steps to get lost in the solitude of the night. Since then sought a new job but it seems the crisis is affecting all businesses everywhere as the doors are closed.

Sara's story reflects the plight of millions of women around the world. While speaking to the female gender is more flexible, friendly and accommodating, the reality of today is still as tough as it once was. The International Labour Organization released a report entitled, warns that because of the global economic crisis will lose 22 million jobs worldwide female. The organization estimates that unemployment affects women more severely than men in development of the crisis. In Colombia, the business daily reported that the Female unemployment is higher than men: 13.4% versus 8.6%. Presenting as a source to the National Department of Statistics, DANE, the news media said that the informality rate is 59.6% for women and 56.2% for men. The two figures are very worrying, but again women bear the brunt. The same source indicates that 56 Colombians 100 professionals are women. They are paid less than that of men without any justification. According to the Ministry of National Education gap is 17.4% and there is the possibility that the figure is even higher. Despite the rhetoric that panders to women and the efforts being made to achieve equality, they continue to suffer the torture of job discrimination and, in some cultures, the demeaning treatment from their husbands and society they were born male. The hours are ongoing and the days too. It's Monday morning and Sara goes back to the street hoping to adequately answer the job interview presenting twenty-fifth since being unemployed. We have said that they find a good sponsor but she does not. Just have faith in the words he was told the day of his farewell: "A valuable person like you will not be unemployed long." Bitterly recalls that this makes two years. Rutto Alejandro Martinez is a renowned Colombian journalist and scholar whose articles are published on websites, newspapers and magazines in several countries. Recently he was awarded the Internet in modaidad. It is often invited to seminars and conferences in various cities. Contact him through mail and visit your page.

Find Special Skills

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You certainly not alone. Many people have the problem of deducing “What do they do better than others.” You simply need to think about their life experiences. Create a list of all the jobs you have ever had, all the fans who have followed ever, all the volunteer work he has done ever all times you have helped someone and that she has felt very good about it and all challenging situations has had to overcome in his life. Then write down on a list their particular areas of skills and interest. Sound difficult? Do not worry, I’ll make this easy for you.

The guest Derek Gehl to Find Special Skills. ” The following questions are designed to get you thinking about these issues that really excite YOU. 1. Do you play sports? 2. If you had a million dollars and a week of free time, why would you? Point the first activities will come to mind. 3. What websites visit when you are “surfing” the Internet? What subjects are covered? 4.

Have you ever won a trophy or prize ever? Why did I win? 5. Have you ever been postulated to perform some community service? What did you do? 6. Do you have pets? What kinds? 7. Do you have children? What it does best about being a parent? What do you find most challenging? 8. Do you have any kind of special education? Have you taken classes on any topic you like? Do you have any kind of continuing academic education?

Website Prices

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Normally the amount you pay is usually 1 cent on the dollar each web you see. At first glance you’ll see almost nothing that amount, but the importance is to go adding a penny farthing and especially considering that you’re not making any effort to do so, just few minutes a day devoted to that task. Obviously you think that with that many never get a decent amount, and it is true, you should be many days, weeks or months to accumulate a fairly decent amount of dollars. That’s where the importance of referrals. “QU ARE Referrals? As mentioned above, referrals are people who have registered through you. From your user area you can access your referral link. This will be an address by which each person entering through it and recorded in the method will be referred yours. That address can promote on the websites, forums, message boards, give to your friends, or any form you can think of for people to register through it.

The importance of getting these referrals is also earn what they earn. That means that every time they pressed a Web, you’re also making money. Imagine if you get a lot of referrals, you could be adding every day, doing absolutely nothing. That is the way in which you can make money with these methods. “CMO RECEIVE PAYMENT? In all PTCs establish a minimum so you can receive your payment. That is, you will click on links and the money will accumulate in your account of the method.

Viral Online Marketing

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A much better, the most viral online marketing can be done with an RSS feed. Let me explain that in terms that everyone can understand (myself included!): Every time we see a TV series, the series is called syndicated programming. The series is produced once, shot once, and then put all stations affiliates around the country broadcasting the same day, at the same time according to each zone. Thus, the work is done once, but repeated throughout the country in hundreds of affiliate television stations. RSS Internet runs on the same concept. To introduce the "work" once, and every single website that carries the code and then get the information you just entered once.

How to update your feeds automatically update feeds every single website that has your syndication code. Another advantage is that their news is not deleted by the reader? " only you can delete! Another plus is every website that carries the code gets a regular content produced whenever feed is updated automatically. This keeps the hungry search engines happy. Therefore, provided the content to market to their subscribers, providing links to their RSS feed from your website, which means that do not have email either. You can have your code published on its website for anyone to read, and also offers webmasters of entry into the websites they manage. No link exchange is necessary in this case either as links are not viral, like sindicacioncodigo.

It's the difference between someone who offers a Lear jet in place of a horse. It's much better to offer their code distribution in exchange for a "." So, now he has avoided the hassle of spam, because anyone who reads your source does not willingly and have sent them anything by email so no subscription is required. You are providing content so that not only are your readers happy, your website is happy, other webmasters are happy because you are providing consistent content without them doing anything, and I've only done the once! No one is to remove any of their work, except if you choose. His work is also staying on the Internet forever. Search engines are very happy too! So before starting the e-mail newsletter campaign, why not consider an RSS feed instead? It can be a much more dynamic option for you! Kim Bloomer publishes several RSS channels using Quikonnex system. She is associated with another publisher Quikonnex, Cathy Carlton, where channel Kick the Habit email, which offers online marketing services consortium, creating channels and management services, and recently opened a new RSS article bank to help others take advantage of the ease of content distribution and syndication based on RSS. Kim and Cathy construction and management of the Virtual Women's Chamber of International Commerce (IVWCC) RSS feed. For more details on what it does and to subscribe to RSS channels go to

Science and Technology

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The many and various comments, development and testing of hypotheses, field experiments, consistent analytical and synthetic reasoning, analysis of variables and answers …, scientific work in short, were embodied in writing hundreds of pages, as a forced draft (special inconvenience suffered as its commitment and knowledge about computers were practically zero), at various periods of time, for years, not without parentheses unpredictable, and regardless of the time (many times, I would not hesitate for example, any night hours, to join the bed to record any potential contribution or modifications to their cumulative analysis, reasoning or argument, that his restless mind could generate this). Obviously in order to address and develop this type of research and creative challenge, it was fundamental, and almost essential to have well from the beginning, by the researcher, a special level of fitness specific to the relationship, connection, awareness, sensitivity, communication, interpretation, regarding the key element to address in this case, the dog (fitness is obviously impossible to acquire enough by studying and learning), as well as logically would be necessary to maintain during the whole process a certain cognitive attitude, persevering, objective, honest, systematic, creative, methodical, initiative, patience and responsibility, a very specific potential, which fortunately it came with Jaime Parejo, a greater or lesser extent since the principle and respect the animal world, which allowed him to fruitfully (though never free from various difficulties and obstacles) observe, analyze, infer, depth, shape, develop, contrast … definitely not give up until the full achievement of the objectives, after several years , culminating in what would be an important and original research work and personal development, results been, for years, demonstrated, tested and highly rated in many drills and actual interventions, formalized by many specialists and experts in Behavior and Learning of Search Dogs belonging to different police forces, firefighters and military. .

Financial Comptroller

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10. Management Assessment. A crisis must be a theme shared management level, so that is a team to provide and evaluate. Do not form crisis teams, forming teams and estrategiaa trabajo a . Remember, the crisis will pass.

Survive the organization better prepared and that they do not neglect the basics of your business. Case Study. Ciber a “2020a Ciber 2020 is a company founded by three graduates of a recognized business school. As two engineers and a manager decided to invest their savings in 2004 and 2020 train Ciber, a company which is a cyber cafe with space for restaurant, business book sales and rental of rooms small meetings. In late 2005 the business had already been billed over $ 100,000 annually and plans to open a branch in Plaza Merliot mid-2006. Ciber 2020 had its headquarters in an office building in the upper part of the Colonia Escalon, taking a large group of executives and college students.

The signing of two contracts with two renowned universities allowed to have a business and revenue base to face the year 2006. Had a total of 22 employees, including sales executives, customer service, administration, programs and services. The projected year-end 2006 was for $ 280,000 with a margin between 20-25%. In August 2006, Frederick, current Business Manager informed her other two partners (Rodrigo, General Manager and Amalia, Administrator), that two franchises and business were similar enough to be opened in three prestigious shopping malls. Additionally, a group of local entrepreneurs were recognized as partners that guaranteed them access to industry clients and students Ciber attended 2020. Behind this and also contracts with a major software providers and equipment a “said Federico. I suggest you immediately suspend the contract for the purchase of new computers and negotiate the contract for another place to open it but not until we see how it goes with these competidoresa a “said Amalia. a Creo that Web programming line we have started with the two systems engineers who are training should continue They put us in difficulty but we can see how to forge ahead. a “Rodrigo. But Frederick said, a Miren closed 2006 with profit, I think it’s best to close the business, and look like small cyber cafes have appeared and today we finish off these great.

Corporate Law and More

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The company is the joint capital, labor and management dedicated to meeting a need in the market. Hence it is clear that fa car factories are dedicated to meeting the need for vehicles of persons, among other assumptions. For a company to operate it is necessary to take into account the law, administration, accounting, economics and marketing, that is, if all these elements in the enterprise is clear that it functions properly, and if not doomed. In this sense, some companies have started with little capital and are now millionaires companies, which should be the subject of study. Some companies engaged in export, making it clear that the market is growing or that would otherwise have access to other markets such as such as a Japanese factory fa can export to Peru, and another example is a Peruvian company that exports Japan. For most companies it is clear that to increase the collection of taxes and labor, and the latter not only form but also employed as consultants or consulting external which is provided by highly trained professionals. The law applicable to companies is the right business. Administration applicable to companies is business administration.

The accounting rules for companies is the company accounts. The economy is applicable to companies the business economy. Marketing companies is applicable to corporate marketing. Hence it is clear that for the company’s progress should take a lot of knowledge with which it is clear that you can have great returns. No companies is designed to make profits in order that the same be distributed among the partners, however, some cases, these do not exist because you have lost or are reinvested profits. If a company is well managed it should be clear that if you have lost profits and is clearly not viable and in such circumstances, the doctrine has coined the term turnaround to refloat the company.

With the turnaround can save companies that are in a period of crisis. Companies for some are of two types: goods and services second. Goods companies are for example companies that sell computers, tables, chairs, desks, pencils, pens, vegetables, among others. Companies such services are companies that provide consulting or counseling. Some employers do not hire consultant who consider it wasted money, which results in not note that the consultants are highly trained people who do not want to work internally in the company, that their fees are very high but wishes to provide consulting services or external advice. In other words, you can not force anyone to work with low wages. There are different kinds of enterprises, among which we mention the taxed and non-taxable, formalized and are not guaranteed, those branches and those that do not have branches, among others. If a lawyer does not know the business law is clear it can not provide advice to businesses, so we must point out that many lawyers in the world providing advice to companies without written work on corporate law, which should serve to reformulate our understanding of it.

Discover New Technology

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Every day there are new technologies emerging.  It is often difficult to navigate the world of new technologies.  Thus Web-Wisdom was developed to help tech lovers understand what is going on and be able to take advantage of new technologies.

The site also provides information for facilitating the users acquiring the data, relationship and resources that are required to compete and succeed in today’s ever-increasing technological economy.   We seek to service a wide variety of both emerging, new, and established technology companies, from all sorts of industries spanning Information to Biotechnology and everything else in between.  A particularly popular topic is alternative energy and thus environmentalists – delving into technology in the 21st century and beyond – have found a place for information.