Ricardo Semler

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Among the changes he made (some more radical than others, but in any case, quite unusual) may include: – Elimination of parking and executive dining rooms. As a symbol of democracy, lifted these privileges, the first to arrive where you want parking. – Removal of partitions, so that people and departments relate more. – Evaluation reverse: before someone is promoted or hired for a position of command, is interviewed and evaluated by everyone who goes to work at your service. In addition, every six months is subject to the assessment of persons who supervises, anonymously. The scores are publicly. – Organization: There is either not used the organizational structure, the structure was flattened to just four levels and is organized in the form of concentric circles, rather than the traditional pyramid shape. – Share of profit: We negotiated for all workers, reaching an unusual 23% of the profit of the company.

– Permission for hepatitis: every year or two years, allows a worker to abandon their usual duties for a few weeks or few months to learn new skills, recharge your batteries … The program came about because some officials said they had no time to think, and then suggested that they thought would happen if contrajesen hepatitis and had to be a couple of months out of the company. – Preference for the house: when there is a vacancy, Semco employees have priority if they reach at least 70% of the requirements. The self-created by Ricardo Semler took him to define his employees could schedule (to put their eight hours as they want), and even your salary (and oddly enough, there were many cases where someone should ask something crazy, and yes there were any of those who "fell short"). It also established a "pay at risk", which benefited almost a third of the employees, and that is to have 25% of salary up or down, depending on how you go to the company.

If the company has a good year, the employee becomes 125% of their salary, but if it is bad, 75% charged. In this way, rewards those who want to take the risk with the company, and allows labor costs are in relation to the results of company. And in their efforts because the workers make their decisions, and not rely on one person (before embarking on the changes, worked long hours every day and was very stressed out), has been discharged himself from responsibilities as a counselor to be more and usually work from home, encouraging everyone who can to do the same, as he says, promotes concentration and productivity. And as I said is that Aristotle, reflection requires leisure.

Tips To Launch Your Website Easily

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If into your plans is to have your own, you are sure you will find a dilemma throw network with optimal results? Well, here are some tips to make your launch is the fastest and easiest way: a Choose a provider that offers the ability to expand the resources on your page as what you need it. You never know if your page will a “over time a ” an increase in traffic, and a change in needs or resources used. For that reason a scalable server resources can be expanded according to your needs without limit yourself in this regard. a When creating your web page or site, keep in mind that nobody knows yet, so any help you receive for your promotion for you. Create personal accounts or the company on social networks like Twitter or Facebook, it is a quick free and form a strong network of known and potential customers that your page can interesting.

Advances the information you have to be updated. This depends on the need for consultation show that the same user. Having the same information may cause the visitor leaves the page or frequenting recommend, so it is preferable that before entering the network have a support page for any updated information you need, without neglecting the promotion. a Make your time and plan activities with each of the activities carried out during one month after launch. Being organized will avoid problems and delays in the administration of your page.

a Check each of the technical details of your site before uploading it to the network, for its optimum performance ensure that the visitor does not lose interest fast. a Finally, do not forget to provide an easy way to contact you. Most webmasters choose to place a contact form for this process, as a quick way in which the user or Visitors can discuss their impression of the web page visited. You can also provide a mail or email in which they can request additional information on any topic.

Credit Scoring

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You've probably heard the term credit score. You can get an idea of your credit score can have an effect on his life. For example, you can understand that when you apply for a mortgage loan, the mortgage company your credit score. But did you know that the interest rate you can on your mortgage? And credit cards? depend largely on your credit score? Did you know that more and more employers check your credit score when you apply for a job, and that insurance companies can increase premiums or even cancel your insurance based on your credit score? So what is a credit score and how is it calculated? Your credit score (in some cases, you called your credit score) is a rating of your creditworthiness, or the ease that you have to repay a loan and how you can pay in a timely manner. And you can have a dramatic effect on your life. There three companies that collect information about how to manage credit. They are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Each one of them to determine your credit score based on a formula developed by Fair Isaac Corporation, but everyone calls her something different credit score. Trans Union calls its credit score "Empiraca." Experian calls their score "FICO" and Equifax will tell you your credit score is "Beacon." Credit scores range from 400 to 900 with the average score somewhere around 700. This is a case where more is not better that the higher the score the greater the risk you are believed.

Management Creativity

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Someday in anywhere, anywhere you inevitably find yourself and that, only that it may be the happiest or the most bitter of your hours Pablo Neruda The companies require managers this proactive, very creative, capable giving way to the changes arising from a scenario like the case of Venezuela turbulent, risky, contaminated by uncertainties in order to ensure not only the survival of the firms under its responsibility, but to reach the operation to compete with each other. According to our investigations, inquiries about the reality of management. in relation to their creativity, has found that many managers, managerial leaders who say that they have not used for anything creative, neglecting their potential and affecting the businesses under their charge to generate the changes, actions necessary to ensure productivity and competition.

Several factors help explain this situation, including: lack of training, development and use of modern management skills to help generate the action plan and work with the achievement of objectives. To this is added, the lack of creativity that happened to programs, strategies, actions that address the challenges, changes, with the proper use of creative power, together with others with the help of a well-trained human resources engaged in achievements that benefit everyone. Lack of organizational culture that ensures a good organizational behavior, productivity, efficiency, results that give companies an opportunity to take advantage of new openings that are expressed through government action. Little integration of universities with industry, which favors the formation, training of professional management that the present application.

Postal Inspectors

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Most Identity Theft Identity theft is one of the most serious problems for the U.S. Postal Service, and of course for the general public. Thieves check mailboxes looking for paid bills or credit card payments that people leave in their mailbox for the postman to collect. They use the information in these documents to obtain credit or to purchase products and services on behalf of the victim. One story involves the operator of a lottery system in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Postal Inspectors found that respondents were called to the ship and said they were the winners, but the mail "taxes" or "Customs fees" to collect their money.

Victims either received nothing at all items or far below what was represented, losing $ 15,000 to $ 102,000 each in the system. The scammer was agreed in March 2003 to cease and desist from your e-mail service and pay $ 200,000. Most identity theft somehow involves the U.S. mail – Crosses the "in person" theft described above because, beyond strangers robbing your mailbox, friends, relatives or coworkers that are stealing your personal information and credit cards are frequently lifting a piece of U.S. mail. U.S. Postal Inspection Service has become one of the world's leading agencies in the investigation of these crimes.

Postal Inspectors have jurisdiction to investigate and enforce over 200 federal laws related to the U.S. mail. They are allowed to detain anyone suspected of stealing mail or submit a false change order management. However, do not depend on their actions for peace of mind.

Cultural Innovations

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Innovation is to generate ideas or find, select, implement and commercialize them. The source of ideas is the research and development, competition, seminars, exhibitions or fairs, customers and each employee of the company is a potential supplier of new ideas to generate tickets for the innovation process. Within the business processes of a company must consider the process covering innovation from idea generation, through the feasibility test to marketing the product or service. The ideas can relate to develop or improve a new product, service or process. We add, that innovation in business is achieved in different ways paying much attention to research and development for "breakthrough innovations." But innovations may be developed by simple changes to work practice, through swaps and combinations of experience and in many other ways. The most radical and revolutionary innovations tend to come from R & D while more incremental often emerge from practice but there are exceptions to any of these two trends.

In both cases, innovations are documented and protected by patents or other intellectual property scheme. In fact, according to Michael Porter the level of innovation from one region can be estimated with the number of patents generated. Take into account that the development of organizations is closely linked to exercise their executive leadership, but at the same time, this development is based on the innovative capacity that can carry out the people who make the permanence of the organization in the time. It is very true when it also indicates that there is a relationship between innovation leadership with the ability to carry forward the current managers, but are different concepts that play different qualities, however, can not be separated from one another. In order to develop an innovative culture in the company, provided that their drivers to become leaders. When the leader is a true innovator, the company generated an environment for anyone to propose changes, and these are appropriate cases can take you forward.

The organizations that have this type of leadership, innovative managers to prove it permanently, are unable to guarantee the company a good competition, generate a very good productivity and usher new products to surface that may lead to a demand favorable for the company that offers it. The innovativeness of the leaders then, is key to competing effectively. However, comments that this capacity is something that not all people in formal leadership positions have. It must give way to draw out this interest in innovation, which is manifested openly and above all, to motivate people, workers also generate innovations, management must evaluate, consider when they believe they are beneficial. Managers must be able to produce the innovations needed, although executives have traditional leadership. This can be achieved if other positions of the organization are working people who lean toward the new and that can support at one time these people who are willing to change things often against the will of their bosses. The problem arises in the levels of company management are committed to changing needs. Management should consider what it represents innovation scope and what it can generate to be instilled in the organization towards a proactive organizational culture that encourages staff to express their ideas, opinions that foster a good environment that promotes the innovation that lead to favorable results for everyone. Leadership intrapreneurial transformer or makes possible an innovative culture, capable of being learned or developed, is what determines the type of culture that must be followed.

Human Resources

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Continuing professional development (CPD) is promoted by the ICPD to support the systematic development and accreditation of its members. The aim is that the continuous search to improve knowledge and skills through exposure to new experiences benefits both the individual and the business. The ICPD actively promotes CPD along with other professional bodies such as lawyers, accountants and experts. The world is not static and no new developments in all emerging areas all the time, which is both challenging and exciting. Change gives individuals the opportunity to expand their capacity and keep pace increases confidence and helps build credibility.

For businesses, the benefits are the ability to stay ahead of competitors and increase profits. Therefore, through exposure to new initiatives benefit both parties. CPD is a continuous improvement cycle, identification of new experiences ahead. Having gained new experience that comes the analysis of what has been learned and how put into practice at work, before considering the development of new next. CPD is self-directed and requires motivation and commitment to improving the standards of their own staff, that some people can be a challenge in itself. Maintaining momentum is also important and the establishment of personal goals of what should be achieved within a specified period. For those that manage to keep the cycle is a huge sense of accomplishment. The process can take many forms? attend seminars, courses and academic conferences, conducting work-based activities, secondments and project management or read books and magazines.

Individuals may have a particular learning style, but to develop their skills from time to time you should take one that does not come naturally. For example, a person who learns best from active participation in solving problems that could take a more theoretical and read an article on the subject instead. Intertwined within the ICPD code of practice is the requirement of human resources professionals to encourage and assist the development of other individuals. Personal satisfaction can be gained from having helped someone might see them develop new skills to flourish once the trust they have earned. In order to fulfill our obligations as human resource professionals in the promotion of CPD, there are several possible solutions – becoming a role model, mentor and coach. A model that lead by example to show those interested how to do and the benefits to be gained. As a mentor of a Human Resources professional can give people the benefit of their knowledge of valuable information transmission of knowledge and coaching skills or positively encouraging that the person knows the path ahead. Any or all of these tracks you can follow everyone’s satisfaction.

Business Management

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"Without gold fall in all values, simplicity fall all the virtues." Tomas Carrasquilla The dynamics of modern business management application that performs its functions in an effective, proactive, where the secretary plays a role , collaboration very important achievement. The secretary in the present must have a series of requirements, features good performance appraisal, are a guarantee of effectiveness, successful collaboration for management to achieve its objectives. Being a secretary is a profession rather than a trade, much more than just a springboard to reach out to another post, and so much more than a pastime. It is an important position, not by anything the newspapers every day and everywhere seeking a number of highly qualified secretaries. It is often said that the secretary is the first image of the institution to outsiders: both for those who come to her, as well as for those who stay away, for the latter to through correspondence and telephone. The figure of the secretary continues to evolve as the company continues to evolve, and we can not specify to what extent that evolution is due to it.

Every day is most momentous in modern society the role of business and it seems that every day is more important in the company secretary. We see it as a promoter, as an entertainer, as coordinator, as an executive, as assistant to close and active in major decisions. What might these characteristics? Suedi Leon Jimenez, gives us some, like, be credited with the utmost confidence.

Resource Strategy Management

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These expressions include: “People are our most valuable asset,” “Our strategy is based on knowledge,” “People are all we possess,” “Our strategy is based on human capital management,” “We have learned to manage intellectual capital “,” Applying emotional intelligence in leadership and management processes. ” However, the result of serious research in the organizational field has demonstrated that members of informal estructuraa do not feel treated as if they were more important capital within organizations and on the other hand in a high percentage empresasa of the open knowledge possessed or understood or used. We are told that according to the results of research recently conducted on this subject “Human Resource Strategy: Corporate Rhetoric and Reality, to A from which these researchers led by Dr. Linda Gratton deducted three important conclusions.

The first is that in a significant percentage of enterprises with the informal structure members do not feel stimulated, engaged or free to express their opinions. The second conclusion is that the duration durantea research, more than six years observarona not any progress in human resource management and the third being a longitudinal research could conclusively prove that the conduct and practices puedena people worsen considerably over time. Also the results of these investigations it was found that there are large differences among organizations, the components of behavior, skills and attitudes of members of the formal structure regarding discipline and corrective actions related to corporate policies workers and arguably these dissonances are an influence in regard to sound the future of organizations.

Management Opportunities

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” But how can a manager take advantage of the opportunities offered by the hard times? For George, “we need to know what caused the current global crisis. I think it was the approach and short-term results rather than long-term work. We are into debt too, both consumers and institutions were not conservative in our financial practices so lost track of what was important for business: to create lasting value for its customers, employees and shareholders. I think we now recognize that the short term is wrong and it is time to elect smart leaders to guide us in these difficult times. I believe that companies with this kind of leaders will have the opportunity to overcome the crisis and come out winning. Many people believe that the markets will again be the same after the recession. However, be well and the companies that succeed will be those who can meet the needs of its customers and consumers.

” Finally shows the view of George Kohlrieser, leadership expert and professor at IMD Business School in Switzerland, “We are at a propitious time for change. We must understand that many people now think only of survival, something that limits their creativity and the pursuit of opportunities. Survival is always the most important goal for the brain and, as such, the leader and employees looking for ways to defend themselves and the opportunities that exist abroad. Impotence is the mental and emotional state may suffer more destructive than an organization, team or an individual. Leaders must be strong, positive and focus on opportunities. It should be a limit to the complaints, since only lead to discouragement. It’s time to learn, to develop talent for finding innovative and creative ways of doing things.

Leaders should focus on the positives and the opportunities in these times of crisis, because it is now when employees can gain strength and determination to find ways to get ahead. ” In conclusion, management must be prepared to meet the challenges, make way for his creativity, diagnosis and extent of the crisis in order to give way to national strategies, plans the counter without affecting the organizational behavior of the company lower its charge, consider for example what the late Peter F. Drucker in his book: Management in Difficult Times “when referring to organizational changes, adaptation, management, decision making, strategies … that the manager should be to difficult situations of the company, especially the ability to be front organizations and be competitive to the world of globalization. Being a business manager is to be convinced of the mission, vision, objectives and goals of the organization and preparedness of our environment, to face the dangers of different natures that can interfere management of financial resources, intellectual labor productivity and costs needed to stay in business.