Digital Publicity

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The digital publicity has become a revolution in the last years, and recent studies suggest the use of carteleria digital delay is increased three times more in the next years in spite of the economic recession. The increase in the use of this type of narrowcast (unlike broadcast or broadcasting) must to a large extent to the fall of the costs of the technology LCD and plasma that have lowered the prices. And the cost of the digital publicity is cheaper than the conventional methods (like written signaling, announcements of press, etc.) The uses of carteleria digital are every time majors with outdoors located screens LCD almost everywhere, including carteleria digital outside, thanks to the use of closets it stops LCD or closets for plasma. These are some of the uses of carteleria digital: – Points of public information – to obtain the news and information – Internal Information – corporative messages, of health and security, the news, etc – Publicity in general and creation of marks – To influence in the behavior of the client and to improve the experience of the client – Aesthetic Entertainment and For an effective campaign of digital publicity, three things are only needed: – A digital campaign – that can include, photographies, videos, music, voice and text and can be so simple or as complex as it is necessary. Many companies that often make carteleria digital treat and sell digital campaigns with their products, although it is necessary to indicate the majority of these types in agreements often are simple presentations in Power Point that can do, literally, anyone. You are far better for creating a simple campaign same or if it wants something more lavish then is better to pay a publicity agency that creates one for you. – Device of screen – the basic options are really LCD or shapes and although there are advantages and disadvantages in both systems (like the image and the quality of recording), these have been reduced drastically with the advance of the technology.

Some cartelerias digitalises apply technology of touch screen, but this is only adapted for the interactive campaigns, like the used ones in the kioscos of information. – Protection – If the digitalis signage must be placed in the outside or in an industrial sector or similar areas then they must be protected of the elements and the most effective method to do it is to place them in a box LCD (or closet for plasma). These displays often are made under industrial norms, such as the system SEALLING in the EE.UU or degrees IP in Europe. Original author and source of the article.

Digital Calendar

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It is already less so that Christmas arrives and surely much people are nervous because they do not know what is what they can give. In these cases always I like to recommend that most important it is not the price of the gift but the originality of the same.To give something original is not far from easy and often it supposes a frustration for many people. When we spoke of an original gift, we are thinking about which leaves the standards, something that cannot be found easily (even impossible, imaginaros for example some manualidad) or about a customized gift. personally always I have liked all that with the photography and for that reason my gifts always have gone of the hand with this art. Between my preferred original gifts they have been all those that I have been able to personalize to assure to me that who receives it does not arrange don’t mention it equal.

Until now always it had chosen to create and to give a photo digital album. For that reason today I would like hablaros of an ideal gift and very original for these Christmases, she is a totally customized calendar of photos. We will be able to select and to modify almost any special aspect of this calendar, photographies, dates, content. Surely, the power to begin the year of this form to many they will like and it will remember to them, month after month, that is people who worry about them. A good detail next to this gift could be to include in the same some interesting phrase that made reflect to the person since, we consider, that will watch with relative east frequency calendar. What seems to you my proposal of gift for these Christmases? you create that to much people it will like? Original author and source of the article.

Canon Digital

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Good, I little go to exponeros that I have found out, as well as the my indignation by the instrumentalisation of a troublesome system, nothing is transparent, expensive for all the users and who only benefit to the societies that manage and four privileged people, like almost always. Everything indicates that an Order of the 2008 exists, that enumerates the relation of equipment, supports and apparatuses, subjects to the payment of the compensation that at first would have to be prote’ge’e and protected by the Law of Intellectual Property. But our governors, I imagine that pressed by factual groups of being able, which tries, to the detriment of the user and of the own author, it is to load costs in the purchase of these equipment, costs that at first would increase in price enormously the acquisition of the typical computer and that is demonstrated, in nothing beneficiary to 97% of the authors, since the money of this canon is managed by organizations that, once removed its structural costs, they choose how much and to who must pay the canon in the form of author rights. Without here the author paints nothing, she is to say, cannot refuse to that its work appears for whoever, but the money, the money will not arrive to him, will be lost between the corridors of the management societies. It is then, a flagrant attack, as much for the citizen of on foot, companies and institutions, like for the own author who hopes to perceive a money by his work, money that since there am saying, only arrives at 3% of the authors, you can imaginaros who are those authors, naturally the rest does not exist. On the contrary a proposal in the much more equitable congress has been sent, and is, in synthesis, that the compensation by copy, is applied of direct form on the work generates that it and that perceives of direct form its author. Of this form, obtains not to get dearer acquisition of equipment of form indiscriminate, since use future of the same can to be the one that never in the life uses this type on watch, would be absolutely unjust to do to pay to nobody by which never it is going to use, nevertheless, who uses yes it, pays that it, but that its money reachs that must arrive, at the author. Author original and source of the article.

Apartir Station

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The policemen who enter the new police station pass for an election eaprovao in the introductory course of the Program Legal Police station. The proposal of the reform of the police station possesss two levels: oprimeiro corresponds to a change infrastructure and as, to a mudanacultural. For terms a notion of the physical modifications that had been made nasdelegacias we have: ' ' Opened environments, with dividing decreases, floor high and arcondicionado to give to total transparency to the workstation, comfort aocidado and better conditions of work to the policemen: Standardized furniture, trying an environment of modern and functional work; Elimination decarceragem, to finish with the illegality to keep prisoners in police station to eevitar that the policeman if transforms into guard of prisoners; (…); Indentification badge deidentificao and necktie for all the employees, facilitating the surrounding perception deum of order, respect and distinction; Incorporation to the space of delegaciade similar institutions: Public Defensoria, Public prosecution service, JuizadoEspecial, Military Policy Social&#039 assistant; '. (GAROTINHO & IT HISSES, 2002:176 – 177) Apartir of this illustration will be described the space organization and the forms queservem as base for the Program Legal Police station. Soon in the glass entrance dasDelegacias Legal, the illuminated interior space can be observed where trabalhamatendentes, overseers and commission agents. To if entering in the new establishment, it is come across with the Balcony of Social Attendance, with the presence of one technique, a trainee and a computer, where the eregistrados users are registered in cadastre all the stories, for then being directed to the policemen. Still nohall of entrance, observes an informative mural with photos of pessoasdesaparecidas and fugitives from justice. Novoespao of work of the police station is open the comment of the public, the quepossibilita a bigger transparency of 6 the police activities. Aseparao enters the entry hall and the space of work if of only for umacorrente to the side of the balcony of attendance that, to be exceeded necessrio the identification for the attendants.

Europa Clicar

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Its appearance was given emabril. Its contamination was well little in the United States, but it provoked danosdifundidos in the exterior. China more than suffered to a damage from US$ 291 million. Turkey and Coreia of the south hardly had been reached. 2000 the LoveLetter virus, set free in the Phillipino, sweeps Europa and the United States in six hours. Infectum about 2,5 million the 3milhes of machines.

It caused damages esteem in US$ 8,7 billion. 2001 ‘ ‘ moda’ ‘ Around 2006 and 2007 had many occurrences devrus in the Orkut that is capable to send scraps (messages) automatically paratodos the contacts of the victim in the social net, beyond stealing passwords and contasbancrias of a micron infectado through the capture of keyboard keys and clicks. Apesarde that those that to receive the message needs to clicar in one link to seinfectar, the existing reliable relation between the friends increases much apossibilidade of the user to clicar without distrusting of that link leads for umworm. When clicar in link, a well small archive is lowered for the dousurio computer. It puts in charge itself to lower and to install the remain of the parts of the plague, that will send the message for all the contacts of the Orkut. Beyond simply seespalhar using the net of the Orkut, the virus also steals passwords of bank, emoutras words, is a Banker classic.

3. Viruses for floppy the destrutveis codes (virus) need a way to paraproliferar in a way of transport where they can contaminate and multiply.> Comosabemos a necessary biological virus of a host, thus also a decomputador virus, using the computer in general way to spread the viruses. When the floppy did not exist pendrivers was one of the used formasmais for the virus to take up quarters. The creator of the virus creates the code in umexecutvel he places and it in a floppy, later executes in a machine ouvrias machines, as a laboratory of computer science or too much rooms, inserindoassim the virus in the computer.


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The request can be made by means of a diffusion, in this in case that the diffusion is used in order to verify if another resource in the net with name exists the same (Davies, 2005). In case that some exists another resource using the name, host of ownership of the name sends a negative reply to the computer of the solicitant user, after that the computer of the user shows an error message. The second hypothesis, the requested name is not being used in the net demands that the computer of the user sends an order unicast (only) for the server of Netbios names to carry through the register of the resource. 3,2 Resolution For Davies (2005) When a Netbios application that if to communicate with another one host TCP/IP, application sends a message of consultation of names in the local net or sends an order unicast to the server of netbios names for resolution. In this in case that, the service of request of name consultation already contains the Netbios name of host addressee.

Still, as the author, in the first case where shipper does not possess the name of the addressee a message of broadcast is sent for the net, the computer that the Netbios name to correspond to the requested one answers with a positive reply, the remain discards the package. If the server of Netbios name (NBNS), in case that he exists in the net, not to hold back no positive message of hosts in the net, it sends a negative message to the service of Reply of consultation of names. In the platform Windows XP, when a resource in the net is not found an error message is shown and transmits for the user not localization of the resource.


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The new Veloster not yet arrived, but already it is giving what to speak. On account of the enormous search for the new Hyundai Veloster, that will only arrive at the consumers between the end of August and the start of September, the authorized resales are denying asked for order, therefore the first lot of a thousand vehicles already almost is depleted. The Veloster will be vendido by a value between R$68.700 and R$77.400. It was necessary to spend between R$3.000 and R$7.000 of entrance to be one of the first ones to get the automobile. ' ' The line for the Veloster is enormous. If everybody that paid the signal to keep the purchase intention, we only go to obtain to eliminate the line daqui the three months. Therefore we are only accepting order of who new already is customer of concessionria' ' , it tells to a salesman of a Hyundai resale of the zone east of So Paulo.

With current the enormous search for vehicles with the superior value the R$60.000, is not alone the Veloster that lives this moment of ' ' fama' '. The versions most complete of the VW Jetta also are being sufficiently requested, as a salesman of the authorized Sonara explains, in the quarter of the Lapa in So Paulo: ' ' The model completo is in lack. Depending on the case, it leads of two the three months for chegar' '. Exactly with the launching of the new generation of BMW Series 1 marked between October and November, the old version that costs R$92.000 still sufficiently is requested and its deliveries alone are dated for the November start. With prices from R$79.900, Peugeot 3008 also meets with queues. ' ' It does not have none in supply. The next remittance can delay up to five months for chegar' ' , it affirms a salesman of the Paris resale, in So Paulo, to the being questioned on the availability of the Allure model of Gray color Aluminium, that is looked.

Who tells the reasons of this magnifying in the sales of cars with values between R$70.000 and R$150.000, is Pablo Garbossa, consultant of the ADK Automotive. ' ' A set of factors provokes this situation, to start for the satiated credit and the exchange favorable to the purchase of mattered. The dollar is very baixo.' ' What Pablo also explains, if relates to the behavior of the people. ' ' Everybody likes a called thing exclusiveness. The ones are not few that want to say that they had been the first ones to have cars as the Veloster. Also it is therefore that the versions top of the Jetta lack more than what of entrada.' ' Source: Reviewed Four Wheels Gilson Has equipped Tires


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' Mobilidade' ' ' ' Digital&#039 life; ' meetings represent complementary experiences of a fantastic, productive world, amused and with limited infinite possibilities only for the imagination. and speaking in using the imagination, its imagines notebook, that it is the central symbol that represents its ' ' mobilidade' ' at the same time this also if transforming into the center of its ' ' life digital' ' ….. now &#039 imagines everything; ' orbitando' ' around of its notebook simplifying its life and becoming this still more formidable mobile and digital experience. We go there! That such in that hour of relax that everything that you want is to be in its bed, making a research, reading its preferred news or simply answering emails hearing music. That such the possibility of instead of placing notebook on the pillow and potentially to cook ' ' pobre' ' due to place it on an ergonomic support? Since it goes to pass part of the pyjamas time and pantufas, in its comfortable bed, valley the penalty investment in one of these extremely comfortable supports. It does not only come with coffee pot, still. Perhaps for a more careful work, mouse of notebook is not mouse more comfortable of the world. Definitively here it is there a question of notebook that it is undisputedly a misery. To have one mouse, without wire clearly, is very convenient. Acesse link and continues reading post! It enters in and it leaves its opinion on the best technologies and the best products of the best marks.

Choosing a Laser Printer

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In this article we will talk about the difference between the popular models of laser printers from manufacturers of printing equipment: Xerox, Epson, Minolta. More specifically, in this material, we decided to track the trend of new models of devices from the company Epson. First, note that Epson has many years experience in inkjet printers and MFPs. That Epson has developed a special pigment, through which the ink is very tightly secured on the media and the prints made with pigment inks do not smudge and are eventually not fade. This revolutionary design to fasten items Epson inkjet products in the market. Embedded way to fix the pigment used by large companies such as HP and Canon. But the technology is known to not stand still, together with the widespread inkjet technology for many years adjacent to laser printing. The laser method of fixing the image (the text is also a kind of image) was designed primarily to increase the speed and simultaneously reduce the cost for each separately produced prints.

Design your own custom models (assembly) of printers and MFPs process is very costly and time consuming. Now increasingly we can see that companies are simply buying a license to sell those or other existing models and sell them under its own brand. How we can come in handy this information? It is not difficult to assume that the machine is implemented on the license will never be cheaper than the original, or a similar scheme would be unprofitable. The task of any potential buyer to find the same characteristics of the goods at the lowest price. This article will help you orient yourself in the market.

We now turn to specifics. To determine which model is the analogue of a system, first we need to carefully compare the specifications of these devices, these characteristics are directly dependent on the mechanical components of the apparatus (Drive unit, a node capture paper, imaging unit, fuser unit), and secondly to draw attention to the used cartridges, and the resemblance of these devices. Now, to determine the original, we need to only know the date of the entry specific model vehicle. We have compiled for you a list of models, which are analogous to machines Epson: Epson c2800 is an analogue of Xerox 6180n; Epson c3800 analog Xerox 6280n; Epson EPL-6200 – Konica Minolta PagePro 1300W. It is not always necessary to be guided only by the price of the device, pay attention to prices of consumables (ink cartridges). At equal prices of machines, ink cartridges for them can vary greatly in price. It is also important when buying a printer or MFP to take into account the degree of prevalence of the brand across the country. On this depends the number of authorized service centers and dealer outlets in your city. In some cases, a small overpayment will be justified, because you always can quickly repair or buy a new cartridge for your device. In Moscow, there are about 30 authorized service centers Xerox, in St. Petersburg about 10. Every year, they will only increase. For example, service centers Konica Minolta half. If you live in a big city, there is no reason to overpay for the brand.

Installing Parquet

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Natural materials were valuable at all times. Natural wood floors are not only more than a year, they decorate the interior, pleasing to the eye, causing feelings of comfort and warmth, whether traditional or oak parquet parquet beech, ash, beech, merbau, maple, bamboo, etc. Parquet plank on concrete screed, perfectly smooth and dry (moisture content should not be above 5%). Variants of the grounds for parquet flooring, chipboard or plywood is fastened to the the base with screws, or more expensive and more solid foundation – floorboards 32-50 mm thick. It is well laid out subbase will provide the necessary durability, good quality and strength of sex. Based on time and think about the material and drawing on styling. It must be remembered that the color of flooring may change (for toning flooring, stain) can not be said about the picture, unless, of course, does not relay the floor again.

There are simple types and styling installation art parquet. For easy installation are: a straight or diagonal double and single, "Christmas tree", "deck" – drawing, where rivets are placed on the principle of "infinite board" (consecutive) straight / diagonal full-time or part-time direct "square". Artistic blow it, "socket", "borders" of different pattern, as well as "core elements". "Cubes" – a strictly laid out in a geometric pattern diamonds size. "Twist" – a geometric figure, when two kinds of different tones of wood (dark and light) creates the illusion of "raising the floor." In general, a geometric packing of the play of light appears, drawing and animating gives additional space. In this figure, and felt the master's hand and work where you put the soul.

But, more than in the geometric details and parquet wood, the harder blow and the higher should be experienced professional handler. We employ highly trained specialists – parquet, who can be trusted as a simple styling and the most responsible and difficult work. Parquet gain manually, here is very, very important, not only the accuracy in fitting joints, but also the speed and accuracy of high-profile artists. After placing it done with an intermediate grinding puttying special trains. Then the floor several layers of lacquer. We use only the best paints and oils for parquet flooring, proven not only in Russia but in the world market as a reliable material. The final stage-setting baseboards. We have selling a wide range of different types of flooring, parquet, laminate, tools for laying his care. We carry all hardwood work from scratch: the simple styling and parquet, sanding and scraping flooring, varnish and oil, toning, etc. You can rent equipment floor polishers, as with his delivery, as well as from our own. The high quality of work, professionals, and reasonable prices.