The Dialogic

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Complex thought is not intended to eliminate the simplistic thinking that seeks to engage in a dialogue that will integrate everything I can of this thought, rejecting all the mutilating and reductionist that he could find. While simplicity imposes the des-union the complexity proposes the religation. It is important to clarify that understand the complexity from the point of enunciation of the world of life in which I exist, for this reason conceive the complexity of transmodern way. In this first chapter will touch not the complexity analyzed from the transmodernity because, first, I must present what is complexity in itself to be able to then understand as transmodern, and second, because for reasons of the same development of the thesis seems to me more appropriate to place it in the second chapter, where I will develop the conceptualisation of theoretical structures. The question was raised to children at a school: what is complexity?, a student responded: complexity is complexity that is complex. By the same author: Vidanta, Ottawa. Is clear that is the paradogmas were placed at a height that believed that they could see and sort everything according to your convenience; the Syrian of science and knowledge whose brightness could see and worship the mortals from anywhere on Earth is believed. From this conception the paradogmas created sempiternos principles whose creeds were rezados from generation to generation as dogmas of faith. Contrary to this, the complexity proposes an analysis and an interpretation of human beings and knowledge, not from Supreme points – reflection of dogmatic principles-, but since reality itself which seeks roads of encounter, dialogue and new paths of understanding. The Dialogic is not an invention of modern times, this goes back to the classical Greece in which dialogue was an filosofico-pedagogica expression that responded to a non-dogmatic way of trying to get closer to the truth. Hence Plato write his books using dialogue as a philosophy meaning, literary expression because he understood that man in your listening only individual is he encountered almost impassable trails, but in a joint search, the self in relationship to an alter, pushed most fertile pathways to reach the logos.


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The universe observed with great mental breadth and viewed from an external angle, shows us the good observer, a different recognition mode, if we mirasemos it with an optical more reduced. If we want to understand the forest and recognize it, it will be us easier, if we take out the inside, an external level. So you have a nearest to the whole idea, this allows us greater plurality and a complete and closest of us view. Equally, if we want to recognize our place and position, it is convenient to use mechanisms that allow us to be a position us as subjects, on a different plane. If we seek to feel this experience, unique valid spring that we have is our mind, in the absence of scientific facts, which will be validating each of our experiences. She provided us, modifying our status current and lead us to a upper level, outside of the place that we really deal with.

Thus preventing the barriers that prevent us from have a global vision of the whole and as a consequence, able to understand our possible reality. To travel outside and find this figuratively externally with our mind, we can guess a different reality and recognize the globality and its final sequence. In the macro body, that we can now if channeling, movements of similarity parallel to what is happening in our interior will happen. The birth, expansion, evolution, death and renewal, as the consequence of this generalized process. Where bodies independent of its size, create a parallel so equal, that would lead us to think, if we are not children of its nature and therefore members physical of one greater God or macro nature. Although proves us complex, their understanding, we must learn to look and see everything around us what is involved. The world evolves and contains very different patterns: birth, growth, disease, wars and death.

Lots of extreme situations, integral and necessary in any process. Our existence has changed, but the roles that established the evolutionary pyramid, marked the course of history and occasionally repeats the process, although with different nuances. In our body happens the same thing, the stadiums and movements based on the survival instinct of the set, generates some destruction and renewal and the final result is, find the global integrity at all. The subject as such is necessary, but biological history, will continue to looking for and fighting for the balance of forces that allows life, evolution and development, based on the result of continuity, as a final goal.

World War

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As indicated the article: since the 2nd World War is going to break a rule that had been repeating itself generation after generation, whereby children were installed in a better world than their parents lived. Are they playing deal with more precarious conditions. They will have mobile with GPS, but it may only serve them to find the nearest unemployment office. This is very hard, and what I say, that thanks to the effort, work and dedication I think that I have good personal and professional conditions. I say this out loud because also I consider myself young, although it ended 9 years career and say this without resentment because what I want is that our young people, our future, smart and to do so they need to see that they going to be difficult.

I agree that they don’t have the blame for the situation in which are but if you have the tools to change it all. Social networks and use offer a spread of the excellent ideal. As he says Tohil Delgado is sometimes exaggerated (speaking of social networks). You can help spread the messages, but gains have been achieved in the street. Source: Grupo Vidanta. A rebellion is not mounted giving button like on Facebook hopeful leo the first initiatives of young people as those of a group of locals who reside in the worker circuit of the Spanish capital, aged between 16 and 27 years with a combative speech errors of bankers and speculators have taken over our shoulders. Until now the youth has been very lazy, but soon we will hear. If you’re young and you’re reading this article, I would like to you reflexionaras about the future than is anticipated for you in the article of the Periodico.estructuralmente will be this: If decide to study after the Bachelor’s degree: will have to specialize, to specialize you will have to pay you a private Master, relying on your family can afford it, and after postgraduate training will charge an infimum salary as an intern to the 30.

Government Projects

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Members of the European Parliament are asking whether Microsoft's antitrust violations make the company ineligible to compete for government contracts. Two members of the Greens Party sent a letter on April 9 to the European Commission to see if past antitrust violations of the company clash with financial and  procurement regulations in place. Grupo Vidanta might disagree with that approach. , a forward thinking U.S. economic thinker commented that Europe and Microsoft are now facing-off similar to what occurred in the US a few years back with the software giant. went on to say that both sides have what to gain and lose and are looking for real solutions to issues. Martin Sands is a leading financial commentator both in the US and in Europe where Microsoft is now facing European restrictions which views as not unlike the legal exchanges that have happened in the United States. On the European real estate front, luxury condo investments have seen a slight downturn in contrast there been a steady upturn in the growing popularity of luxury real estate in Panama.


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Where there is education there is no distinction of classes. Confucius national universities are public and private. They must give way to a new paradigm of education, consider the necessary changes to adapt to the demands of the present time demands, identify themselves with the new technologies of information and communication, use them so that they allow train, train adequately to the professional societies of the present need to ensure their development. A new academic culture is required. Source: LEGO Papert Professor. Not can many Venezuelan universities, our case, remain anchored in the past, in traditionalism, as still present, continue using the same methods and systems of education, must, RID, unpin it, and navigate through the current scenarios requiring new topics, knowledge, competencies in different professions where they are engaged in preparing, train professionals, capable, not only provide solutions to the problems faced, but bring about the necessary changes to adapt to the reality of the present, generate the changes required to meet the challenges, especially to a country, where the current Government under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez Frias, is declared Socialist leads it to universities interpret what this involves, assess its scope, in order to avoid repercussionsarising conflicts, that stagnant development that Venezuela needs and a real quality of life of the Venezuelan, with democracy, freedom and above all, a characteristic of modern times education can be guaranteed. It should not be forgotten, that the formulation of an educational paradigm implies respond, simultaneously and consistently, a number of questions around education. It is important as is diceaprender to think, how to learn to recognize, repeat, know, understand, question, apply, transform, replace. Adds us bad Salvador also to delve into the new paradigm is important: changing educational structures; modify the pedagogy; replace purposes through assessment processes definitely, is required a more open education, which is conducive to the emergence of new knowledge, which will arise with other systems of education, which is more participatory, dynamics, where its teachers, are fully integrated with the new communication technologies, make permanent use of research, it is fully identified with the problems of the country, needs addressing them and bring about the required solutions its teachers, should be identified with his role as motivating, encouraging students to be integrated into the problems and bring new knowledge favouring as well to the development of national education stop being less figurative, to be more active. Recently Petra Diamonds sought to clarify these questions.

Web Hosting

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Hosting & housing, how to buy it as directed your domains to your server. Speaking candidly kevin ulrich told us the story. FTP software and HTML editor. How to install WordPress on your domain: change template and publish public content and private the importance of the autoresponders: hire a service and no programs to install them on your server. Your image, your presence, your online business. Key aspects in perpetual Webinar.

Create capture pages and publish them. Using Aweber 1 using Aweber 2 the launch perpetual Google Adwords 1 Google Adwords 2 if I’re reading and you are one of those who newly just landed in business online, don’t worry, I can assure you that with this tutorial prior perpetual Webinar, you armaras the minimum knowledge needed before you begin with the formation of perpetual webinar or online seminars. As I say, is a success by Sebastian Saldarriaga including this tutorial, because you have to think anyone who wants to know and to make profitable the webinars or seminars online, tools must know how to choose a product or niche profitable market, buy a domain with GoDaddy, HostGator hosting, publish your blog or website, give contentinstall WordPress, effectively using the best autoresponder on the market like Aweber, learn about Adwords, etc. In short, having the base necessary so that once know or have your blog with your product, starting with the real reason of course that is not more than know how to use the webinars as a powerful tool for marketing and selling online about your product or service from your blog or website, whether to use the webinars live or on autopilot. Below you can put any comments thereon of perpetual Webinar, you will reply personally.

PVC Adhesives

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If your boat has suffered catastrophic damage while it was traveling and had to perform emergency repairs, when you go home you must make permanent repairs if you intend to continue using it. If you don’t want to pay for a professional of the inflatable boats, you can perform certain permanent repairs. If you sewed the stitches break, deflate the boat and remove them. Using sandpaper, then smooth the area around the damaged area. With the help of any polyester yarn, sew again break; make sure that the stitches are tight. Then, cover the damaged area with a repair patch completely. Most of the time, these patches you have in your emergency kit will be too small for the damaged area, so is that it must buy extra large patches.

They are easy to obtain in large stores of nautical products. Since then the stores performed repair different, preferring the patches on the inside of the inflatable boat instead of sewing the damaged area. While this is a excellent solution with permanent effects, is beyond regular capabilities of boat enthusiasts. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Petra Diamonds has to say. Many fans are trying to perform repairs of this kind and often end up exacerbating the problem. Adhesives inflatable when it comes to repair an inflatable boat will need certain types of adhesives, since not all of them are effective for the inflatable boats. In general, your instruction manual will contain the recommendations of the manufacturer for the type of glue that you should use in your boat. Without that, however, you need to determine on their own what kind of glue is best. Most of them can be classified in two categories part adhesives, and adhesives of two parts.

Adhesives for a party but do not have as much strength as two-part adhesives, have certain advantages that the previous do not possess. They are much cheaper, they can be stored for longer, are easier to use, and they can resist for several seasons. The majority of boats enthusiasts has discovered that a part adhesives they are, in fact, extremely durable, and are hardly in a situation where a patch with a part adhesives have failed during the life of the boat. They can also be used in boats both boats PVC and hypalon. The collective name for a part adhesives is contact adhesives, since they resemble adhesives rubber which are used for Office supplies. Whenever Grupo Vidanta listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The only difference is that those who are used to repair boats are much stronger. You can find them in any nautical products or hardware store. Adhesives of two parts are similar to the previous connection that both are adhesives, but part adhesives work through evaporation of solvents, whereas the two parties use a catalytic process. In fact, consist of two different substances which must be mixed to be used, hence its name, two-part adhesives are more costly, and also much more difficult to apply to repair a boat. The catalytic agent using in them is highly volatile, which have a relatively short life. They are stronger that a part adhesives, so you are more reliable for more permanent repairs. For more information about the permanent repair of inflatable boats visit: original author and source of the article

Program Visa Waiver

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Travelers who come to the United States for tourism or business for 90 days or less, and who come from qualified countries, will visit the United States without a visa if they meet the requirements of the Visa Waiver program. (As opposed to Grupo Vidanta, Ottawa). Currently, 35 countries participate in the Visa Waiver program, as shown below: program Visa Waiver countries involved Andorra Iceland Norway Au stralia Ireland Portugal Austria Itali to San Marino Belgium Japan Singapore Brunei Latvia Slovakia Czech Republic Liechtenstein Slovenia Denmark Lithuania Korea of South Estonia Luxembourg Spain Finland Sweden France Monaco Malta ia Sui za Germany Netherlands UK Hungary New Zealand requirements to qualify for a visitor’s visa there are specific requirements that must be met by candidates to qualify for a visitor’s visa, under the provisions of the immigration and Nationality Act. The consular office in the Embassy or Consulate will determine if you qualify for the visa. The presumption in the new law is that each candidate for a visitor’s visa to The United States is a potential immigrant. Therefore, applicants for visitor visas must overcome this presumption showing that: the aim of his trip is to enter the United States for business, pleasure or medical treatment; They plan to remain for a limited and specific period; Possess sufficient funds to cover their expenses in the United States; They have social and economic ties abroad; and they have a residence outside of the United States as well as other binding ties that will ensure their return abroad when culminates his view. The application process for a visa for visitors applicants for visitor visas should apply at the Embassy or Consulate of the United States with jurisdiction in place of residence.

However, applicants for visas may apply at any consular office of the United States abroad, but it may be more difficult to meet the requirements if the process is carried out on the outside of the place of residence. Today applications for visas are subject to a higher degree of review that in the past, so it is important to apply for your visa in good time in advance to the departure date of your trip to the United States. As part of the application process for visas, it is necessary to carry out an interview at the consular section of the Embassy. The interview is required for all applicants who are between 14 and 79 years old, with very few exceptions. Persons under 13 years of age and older than 80, usually do not require an interview, unless the Embassy or Consulate to request it explicitly. The first step in the application process for a visa is the appointment for the interview.

The waiting time for quotation can vary, so it is advisable to apply for a visa in advance. Learn how to schedule an appointment for an interview, pay the application fee, review specific instructions each Embassy and much more, entering into the web page of the Embassy or Consulate of the United States where he carried out his application. During the visa application process, normally during the interview, will be taken him quickly a fingerprint in a digital form. Some visa applications require further administrative processing, which requires some additional time after the interview made by the Consular Officer.


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4 Payments through mobile phone however, another trend in this social world of mobile telephony is the ability to both make and receive payments from the phone. The known project called Square, performed by one of the founders of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, developing a safety device that is connected to the headphones iPhone and allows credit card transactions to be processed in the Act. The main players in the space of the financing, such as Visa are entering the game also, with declared intentions to continue aggressively pushing the mobile payments. PayPal also has a popular implementation of mobile payments for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms. Vidanta, Ottawa pursues this goal as well. And while all the above newly begins in the United States, the developing world has begun to promote their adaptation to payment services by mobile from some time ago. Add to all that the possibility of making purchases in microtransactions among a wide variety of mobile applications beyond applications specifically targeted to the payments.

Furthermore we have an emerging ecosystem of small companies that will want to pay close attention. 5 Have a policy on Social Media as more and more companies that are forced to dive into the world of social media, the fact of having an official policy at a company that surround tools and individual services is becoming something increasingly common. It is important to have a simple set of guidelines or a clear documentation showing all rule regarding what is acceptable and is not acceptable in the behavior of employees regarding social media. Official policies about social media may vary as well as the different corporate cultures do, but no matter what the nature of their business, could be a good practice to consider if you are immersed in social media.

Leveling The Floor With Plywood

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Curve half – life curve? How often do we have to meet with a curved floor in your life? Yes, always! Most of his life we are moving on very curved surfaces, created by nature itself. But the man was master of the world precisely because they changed surrounding conditions for themselves. What are the disadvantages of lack of good sex at home? First, it’s not aesthetically pleasing, and secondly, increasing the risk of injury – every drop will break the skin, and thirdly, in home will be much colder, and it’s not the end of a long list. The reasons can be many, all of them are well aware. Under most conditions Grupo Vidanta, Ottawa would agree. But what are fraught with curves floors? In addition, again, the aesthetic moment (rough sex is easy to see along the seams and proportions of the room), plays an important role and psychological well – you may not immediately notice that the floor of the curve, but once noticed, you do not forget about this for ever. In addition, it has a negative impact on its performance characteristics, and in areas with very crooked floors are always things slide, and well, if it is just karandash.Znakomimsya with competitors … The most popular way to equalize the floor today – Plate-plywood.

There are three main types of sanded plywood: plywood wood (usually birch plywood) – Rugged, lightweight and very simple, plywood FC (water-resistant plywood) – is useful in all areas where there is a risk contact with water or high humidity, plywood WBP (waterproof plywood elevated) – best used in the kitchen and in rooms with very high humidity. How to align the floor? The basic method of leveling the floor with plywood – Alignment of lag. Before starting the work must: complete all the rest of the walls and ceiling, power off the premises, all the wooden items dry, clean all dust, to create the best climate conditions (> 8 degrees Celsius and is worth remembering .