Only System


' ' It is, therefore the product of concrete conditions of existncia' ' (BARCHIFONTAINE, 2005, P. 29). It is understood then, that the practical one of the obstetricians throughout the historical passage, was pautada in the ideas of promotion and prevention of the health that today are part of the speech and that they guide the Only System of Health. It can, therefore to think the promotion of the health, as to make health with participation of the organized community. As it describes Barchifontaine (2005), the Only System of Sade (SUS), appears from the initiative of popular organizations that had fought so that this happened. What it is in the Constitution is, therefore, victory of the joined and organized society that fought for its rights. Now, it is the same society that must make to fulfill what it is defined in the law.

The SUS is guided by principles that point with respect to the democratization in the actions and in the services of health that leave of being restricted and they start to be universal, in the same way they leave of being centered and they start to guide itself for the decentralization. The health that before was understood as a state of not illness, what made with that all the logic turned around the cure and of agravos to the health (BRAZIL, 2000 P. 30) the Health department, in partnership with not governmental organizations, inaugurated the program, ' ' Working with the Tradicionais&#039 Obstetricians; ' (2002), with the purpose to make to be valid practical and knowing of the obstetricians, being included them in the programs of attention to the health of the woman and the child, as form to value the cultural wealth which belong these personages (BRAZIL, 2010 P. 09). The program ' ' Working with the Tradicionais&#039 Obstetricians; ' , it still has as objective, to characterize the obstetrician with the perspective of humanizar the childbirth that happens in the domicile. Of 2000 the 2010 program offered qualification for a thousand, seven hundred and cinquenta and five obstetricians of different regions of the country (BRAZIL, 2010, P. 09). Although the pride that it feels for its profession, d