Malignant Neoplasms

Malignant neoplasms, most people think of the verdict. For all those with advance disclosure and prompt treatment, the potential for effective treatment of specific diseases is approximately 70%. In features, the same result gives medical treatment in Israel. A diagnosis offered in Israeli hospitals, to assist the detection of cancer ailments in the earliest phases of their. Diagnosis of cancer in Israel carried out by non-invasive and minimally invasive techniques such as MRI, PET CT, blood tests for tumor markers, biopsy, and so on. This definition reveals the signs, only began to develop disease, with almost absolute precision. In the treatment of cancer in Israel used a comprehensive range of ways. This may occur as ionizing radiation treatment, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, and any similar methods, and surgical intervention.

When surgery is employed as the norm, endoscopic methods, allowing the operation of the least traumatic deyat way. These ways to reduce and rehabilitation period, and make less postoperative discomfort. In the treatment of cancer in Israel puts into circulation in most leading medical technology and developments in this area. For example, the excellent results of treatment of liver cancer and liver metastases, allows selective, internal radiation therapy – a method of SIRT. In applying this technology, radiation kills cancer cells 'Delivered' directly to the tumor without affecting healthy tissue the patient. For treatment in Israel of cancer, should consult a medical clinic, where staff will help you get to highly qualified specialists, oncologists, will provide you with support and assistance of an interpreter. In addition, members of the medical clinic will take care of renting the right home for you, ought to period, and provide you met at the airport, transport to travel for medical purposes, and help resolve other issues so that your stay in Israel for treatment was the most convenient and efficient.