Making Memory


But, while the family was called so that the devices were off it came back. Nobody return of cerebral death! I know! But the Mrcia came back! According to my friend, completely without memory, one I buzzed! But alive! But the son continued to pass notice. It says that it lost the memory, but remembers it, of its voice. After some days, he says that it wanted to telephone for the known people. The son bound for it and the two had talked; it started to count pra it things that had made in common, in an attempt to activate the memory.

He is? It says that it remembers some things, but that this only happens with it and with nobody more? the family? It says that not. I asked on filhinho, because the maternal feeling is very strong. Yes. It said that the son is a great refrigrio for it, a great joy, but I did not understand if he is for remembering it. Today, the son of it, the only contact, was run over.

She had serious wounds; she broke fmur. Serssimas had breakings! It can? Ours! It needed surgery to place bolt more and all. Now, it is well, goes to be good. You already tried to confirm this everything? Because When the thing is true People exist exactly Addresses exist Telephones they exist Doctors exist? , It is my friend of Net well, does not have another reference not to be what it says. I have the impression of that it speaks of real facts, but makes a fantastic report of them around. This is common in the Net? In this degree of I exaggerate? It is a well fertile land, but never topei with something thus. This history is well intriguing. It is. does not leave of being. My monitor is bad. If it to erase, considers I fired that me. Tomorrow my PC goes to pass the day in the technician. Making lipo As soon as the two if had fired, Cristina were to look for to know on the cerebral death. The colloquy with the friend leaves doubts that, even so vacant bothered, it. It telephoned for a cousin who it wise person to be studying cerebral neuroanatomia. Nobody would come back, exactly. It was fact without register in medical annals. The explanation for the fact could be one misunderstanding. One me the interpretation of the commentaries of the professionals, in function of the emotional envolvement. This costuma to occur. It could also be the case of the young to be in one eats partially induced, in the maximum degree three e, when it was alleviated, it returned, however without memory. Between what it occurred, the form as history it is counted and the real facts seemed to have a displacement. Cristina was felt attemped to believe the friend, but in the soul if it disapproved for its credulidade. Without half evaluating the situation, it arrived to assume that, perhaps, it fantasiasse the reality. If the case was this, it imagined to know the reason, but this did not interest nobody more. However, it thought, she thought, and she did not arrive at no conclusion. A world exists, where of a side somebody can make of account that is truth and of the other, somebody can believe, or make of account that believes. As Jlio it says a time, ‘ ‘ the cold screen will be always the screen fria’ ‘.