Kyoto Protocol

Energy saving is very important, a time here we have been listening much talk of global warming, also have had different initiatives during recent years to raise awareness among the people, while the countries who most who least attempt to follow the Kyoto Protocol but some skipped it. But that does not mean that we can contribute our little grain of sand and with small gestures of each can do that you among all save a significant amount of energy. That is why I wanted to share the following five tips to avoid wasting energy with our computers. -Turn off your computer: If you will not make use of your computer for a long time and this is not performing any function while we are not front is convenient to turn it off. We will save energy and a month along a few euros our Bill of electricity (network topology). -Forget the screen saver: If on the contrary you have to leave the computer performing some kind of task or time that you’ll be without using it is little how to turn it off, forget salva screens: turn off the computer screen.

Savers can be very nice and funny, but many times are inconvenient, expend energy needlessly and it doesn’t make much sense having it since, especially if nobody can see it. It is better to turn off the monitor and highly recommended to configure the power of our team manager that turns off after a few minutes, for avoid forgetfulness. -A good maintenance is important: this happens particularly in desktop computers, although laptops do not get rid of this nor: dust. It is very important to keep the interior of the computer clean, using all parts will be gathering dust and this can affect the performance of the computer. For example, if our sink is full of dust it won’t function properly, the temperature will not fall and fan will work more quickly, spending energy (types of network topology).