There is a factor that impedes the success of 90% of people trying to add substantial revenue on the Internet. They try to earn money only with his own time and not with your money. They think as individuals and not as a company. There is a very low economic ceiling for the person that does more than work itself. Just 24 hours in the day and although it always work 18 hours a day shall be limited by its time and therefore their income cannot pass certain limit.

When you start to make money online you have to designate a percentage that you reinviertes in your Web pages to go to grow your wealth on the Internet. When you know do something good and that thing you is time consuming and does not bring much money, it is time to pay someone else to do it for you. Expenditure must be equal to or less than what that work brings. If you keep a percentage of reinvestment you can have more and more benefits with the passage of time. For example if your percentage of investment is 50% and win 1000, you have a few benefits of 500. When profits rise, also raises investment, but to raise the investment It does not prevent that earnings will increase. If you upload to 4000 you are investing 2000 but leaving you now with 2000 and much more ability to grow. If you are starting to make money online, it applies this concept and soon you will see how your income to grow well above others and more quickly.