International Finance Centre

The Finnish company KONE, specializing in vertical transport, has signed an agreement by which undertakes to install 99 elevators and escalators in the new financial complex of Shanghai, the International Finance Centre (IFC). Shanghai IFC will be equipped with 84 KONE Minispaces, 11 KONE Monospaces, and four double deck KONE Elevators, which will be the first of its kind to be installed in China. The speed of these lifts will reach 8.0 m/s and the distance will be approximately 250 meters. The complex will include three towers, 260, 250 and 85 meters, which will be fitted to a number of offices, two hotels managed by the Ritz-Carlton, as well as a pedestrian street, where a high number of international retailers will be represented. In addition KONE takes its elevators to India, where it will also be present in a most attractive projects, Jupiter Mills, a complex of two towers in 92 and 84 meters, in the city of Mumbai.

KONE will participate in this project using the installation of ten lifts, custom glass Windows to the outside. This, is not the only presence of the Finnish company in the India, since the beginning of the 1980s, KONE has supplied lifts to different complexes and today is one of the main providers of elevators and escalators in the country. In addition, KONE was chosen to provide all of the elevators to the second phase of the process of construction of the Delhi metro. About KONE KONE Elevators was founded in Finland in the year 1910, since then, provides innovative solutions and an optimal service to the needs of vertical transportation, stairs and doors. It has a presence in more than 50 countries and is the technological leader in reference. KONE Monospace is the platform for KONE who since 1996 has revolutionized the market. More than 150,000 units are which are currently operating throughout the world.

Pioneer of the market that removes the engine room of the elevator with great efficiency and security is the solution. Respects the environment thanks to the implementation of the patented technology: KONE EcoDisc. KONE Elevators is a company internationally recognized and awarded prizes for innovation and quality in countries such as Japan, France, Spain, United States has led major projects and understands that its maximum raison d ‘ etre is the client. It boasts prestigious recognitions granted by Forbes, which ranks as the fourth most respected industry company in the world.