Information Business


So, getting a page for page usage with a potential client develops the overall picture. But if you try it once to all the "booklet", then probability of success will drop back to 10%. For such a series of letters signed by a potential client amu and he expects to get a similar way from you some very valuable and free information on the interesting subject to him. Thus, step by step, a series of letters erases Distance and credibility of the potential client to the author of letters (of course, if a series of letters made up correctly and shows the professionalism of the author raised by the topic). 2. What to write his series of letters? In the words of L. Ron Hubbard – the goal of any living organism is to survive as well. People here are no exception, and the most vivid rule.

The better you survive, the better you feel feel and the more pleasure you get from life. So, everyone wants to survive as best as possible and of course he will always appreciate any information and assistance that will help him in some areas to survive better. Actually, the whole information business is built on the fact that people who have learned to be something better and , then draw up their experience in practical management and sell them to other people who strive for greater efficiency, and freedom in their lives. So the first thing each of you must determine what it is certainly better survival than most people around them.