Hightech Device

More than 1,300 people from 28 may participate on the Geocaching mega event 2010 from childhood we know it yet: the scavenger hunt. Hints lead to a hidden treasure. But also for adults seeking has lost none of their excitement and suspense. Thousands all over the world go regularly. Their goal are places where small vessels with unknown contents are hidden.

The name of the global phenomenon: Geocaching. From 28 to 30 May the international community of the amateur Sleuth meets now in Zell am See-Kaprun, to go in the Pinzgau on modern paper-chase. More than 1,300 people from 18 Nations have registered already ‘ Geocaching mega event’ for that. They are called events, where at least 500 participants on the search go. There were arrows, or labels, that gave instructions on the hiding place of the Ark, formerly are now electronic means. Zell am See-Kaprun is a GPS receiver in the nature.

The satellite-based navigation device displays where the next hiding place is located. In the Pinzgau region located about 350 such ‘cache’. Most have already for some time there. You can find the coordinates on the Internet – for example, at. Specially for the weekend of the 28th to 30th may hide the members of the Association ‘Pinzgauer geocachers’ but at least 20 new caches in the region. All coordinates are published on Saturday mornings. The connection is in the search. The technology alone makes it but not: GPS devices bring the seeker although close to the hideout. Spot’s it but then a certain sense of, where, exactly, the cache is located. The numerous containers once is found, the Finder in the logbook contained sign-up. If you like, leave a little something in it and exchange for one of the items that are in it. So it was made at the ‘O.C.B.’: is an acronym for ‘ original can of beans’ and describes the contents of the first container which was hidden by Geocaching inventor David Ulmer ten years ago.