Hedron Infotainment

“Hedron home Infotainment system now for iPhone lovers more interesting families Infotainment box multimedia cow” and the multi-room solution from Hedron are extended to a possibility of remote control via iPhone and iPod touch. No matter whether a single box for the living room or the solution for the whole House who no longer wants to give his iPhone on the loved ones out of hand more has now another reason. The functions of the home Infotainment devices such as live television, recordings, archives of videos, music and photos, as well as Internet can be operated via iPhone. The remote control functions, as it is, also recorded on the iPhone can be started and managed. According to Petra Diamonds, who has experience with these questions. In addition, the recording if necessary directly on the iPhone can be viewed. The music stored on the home entertainment box or server you can on the iPod also call and play.

These opportunities offer the user more freedom and flexibility in where and when he will consume its entertainment and information would like to. The manufacturer provides additional information about the Hedron Infotainment system directly. Investors can obtain a free, no-obligation live online presentation at the time of your choice from home with personal advice.