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We invite you to walk the neighborhoods of Barcelona and discover all its beauty and Vanguard of streets proposals. Between the sea and the mountains, the Catalan capital is in constant motion. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Mitchel Resnick . On the left side to the most famous street, La Rambla, the Raval area is located. This neighborhood is the least explored by tourists and is characterised by its colourful atmosphere and a unique energy. For its cultural variety, Raval offers a relaxed and eclectic atmosphere. The futurist might disagree with that approach.

It is one of the points of encounter of the locals and its streets you can observe living statues, jugglers, talented musicians and all kinds of street artists. Another feature of Raval is the amount of alternative bars and design galleries that houses. Several of the oldest buildings of the city can be found here. Without a doubt is an ideal area for a traveler like you, in search of new emotions. As a traveler you want to enjoy all the fun of Barcelona without limitations and find some peace of mind when it comes to your rest. The ideal for you is to stay in a Guest house of bass ClickBed Barcelona cost. Our Guest house of low cost in Barcelona have few rooms and bathrooms private for your convenience.

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