Foreign Language

Center for distance learning of foreign languages 'Langues' represents the new school complex 'Langues-lexicon'. This is a new audio-accelerated method of learning foreign languages. Features audioslovarya 'Langues-lexicon': * from 480 to 700 words and sounded Expression * brochure with the full text 'Audioslovarya' inside the box and the description of audio-technique * Multiformatness: the ability to use a computer, CD-and MP3 player. Long-known truth that it is impossible to learn more or less tolerable to speak a foreign language, not having a good vocabulary. Unable to understand the alien, if not also possess the vocabulary of the language. One conclusion: it is necessary to teach the word.

A technology accelerated learning a foreign language. This technology is based on the following principles: * Do not torment your memory and learn the language of mechanically! Memory can store at one time up to 30 words. * Short-term memory exists no more 30 seconds. * The information stored in long term memory if the proceeds unconscious information that we have. * In the study of language do not need to rely on habit or standard.

* After studying portions of words need a break 10 minutes. * Learn the words need to first play when you can even repeat the entire list. * Repeat the words should be in the range from 10 minutes to 24 hours. * To remove the list of words monotony, they need to not only see but also hear. * Learned words transmitted from the short-term memory into long-term, rather than through repetition, as with narrative pictures and sound. * Easily done something that happens spontaneously, in addition to our participation. Words remembered involuntarily if they are not our goal. All of these rules corresponds to an audio technique. No matter where you are: driving in the train, play sports or housework – you have opportunity to learn foreign languages, having audioslovar! Thus, audioslovar help you solve the problem of lack of vocabulary. The second problem faced by students of foreign languages – is correct pronunciation, which is the foundation of learning a foreign language. It relies on a sensitive ear, ie the ability to correct the perception of foreign-language sounds. Mastery of pronunciation – one of the most difficult problems. In first point of contact with an alien on your knowledge is judged not by what you say and how you do it. Practice in pronunciation should be intensively during the first 3-4 months of language study, at least until yet you will not make sounds automatically and without stress. Pay special attention to the proper accent and intonation. Mastering pronunciation and intonation, be patient. Additionally, spent no time is be in vain. But we need not only to improve pronunciation, and increase vocabulary. You are probably wondering: Why give time – to teach the word or learn grammar? This choice of priorities. You are invited to give attention to all equally. It has been estimated to speak a foreign language as now says the average citizen in the Russian, you need to know just some words of two hundred. But, nevertheless, a good active stock absolutely necessary for a thorough proficiency. Minimum level of vocabulary, sufficient for surface communication – 600-1000 words. Italian-Russian audioslovar basic vocabulary of Spanish-Russian audioslovar base vocabulary