Ford Product

Internet marketing trends are not casual or whimsical, they obey to the trends of the markets. And the markets are formed by consumers, said otherwise impressionable or sensitive people to new technologies. The stage in her scene that unfolds the online interaction has been transformed completely in recent times. The internet is not already understood as a model of one-way communication, where an issuer who exposes a message or product to the community-made its proposal, taking only as parameter the levels of sales. At present, not only consumer is expressed by buying, they have voice and vote. And the voice of the consumer will have a direct impact on our aspirations for success online. For this reason, we have the first peculiar element of contemporary marketing: the conception of our target as a community, who not only will interact with us, but that will do so among themselves, creating a body with a large specific weight when scheduling our marketing strategies on-line.

The second distinctive ingredient is the superpersonalizacion. It is given by two conditions: the maximum product adequacy to the needs of the consumer are increasingly far from the proverbial saying everyone may have a Ford in any color, provided it is black-; and the increasingly less massive than advertising guidelines must have to achieve their maximum effectiveness. Who aspire to achieve high click through rates, i.e., the maximum amount of people clicking your links, must resign themselves to a specificity of the target, incompatible with mass communication. Don’t get wrong. Still wish that our advertisements reach the maximum exposure, only that we want to have it in the specific target of our product.

The development of new technological media has also impacted on online advertising practices. No we can overlook the fact, therefore, the rise of the use of social networks. Far from having to make an effort to adapt, we should thank the have to our provision, such as advertisers, these formidable tools that we will face to face with the ideal customers for our products and services. Consequently, it is necessary to include them in our advertising strategies, process in which many companies today do not reach the desired success. Access to social networks via cell phone leads us to the cusp of the customization. What advertiser wouldn’t like to have your prospects of sales representative and drinking personal mobile phone number? Well now you have something like, the ability to get their message of digital marketing directly to the cell phone of many of them. In other words, One-On-One marketing has elevated to the power that theory of the 1960s on the segmentation of markets, long to its maximum expression. This without doubt, as a product that its web site, is only facing its final consumer without masses of by means, without opinions, only your site and the client. Those who know to take advantage of this facility will have much of the battle won in maximizing sales over the internet.