Food and Emotions


Eating obsessed with calories is an example of a way of eating that adds anxiety; the anxiety by eating breaks down the act as vital as it is the carry nutrients to the body. Obesity does not arise from nothing nor the overnight: is a process that begins in the mind, culminating in something like a finished product: the overflow body and the self-awareness of obese. To truly lose weight eating is necessary a change of consciousness; promote an inner balance such that it allows the metabolism to perfectly fulfill their functions of asmimilacion, elimination. When we first launched this test and we noticed that, effectively, the body responds, then we can finally tackle the diet with wisdom and renewed confidence. And check that weight loss without suffering is something that is possible. To lose weight eating and without need to find us in an emotional state for the challenge. We accompany our diet with empowering emotions and push it is essential; otherwise we can not generate US enthusiasm, curiosity, confidence and optimism. The one day diet book It teaches fantastic methods to deal with interference, cut with the mania of delaying or eat without hunger.

It is special for compulsive eaters, for those who fail to recover the ideal weight and maintain good health and good humor. Practicing the techniques of the book makes understand that eating to lose weight requires a change of consciousness. People who already feel tired of counting calories, eating binges, of the rebounds of weight, diets that contradict each other and that only manage to exacerbate anxiety by eating will find the book a source of daily motivation; innovative concepts that will be challenged all doubt of ever being able to downgrade. Many people suffer more by what people think that for what they do, when they realize this phenomenon they begin to do things that never thought…