Federal Migration Service

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More said the girl who waited yesterday with a guy, but now came a (remember just because a beautiful young couple is always pleasing to the eye). It should be noted that the chairs lacked, who then had 4 hours stand and that's not counting the time spent on the stairs. Doors open at 9:00 and again at 12:00, I was worried, really, and in this (third) time did not have time. It will be time – 2 hours, and then the unknown – whether to continue or turn back will have to borrow, and already want to eat and how to leave, suddenly all is lost. Still, third time lucky for me – it's my turn came at 12:40.

He went into the room, greeted surprised employees UFMS good mood, tried to joke, this communication is over. The employee checked the documents, scanned the statement pasted picture, something else to do. All the procedures took about ten minutes, but my part was to check – correctly typed my name into the computer, and then I was sent to be photographed. It took a minute or two three, put in a special booth with the "eye", "snip" and you will see my photo, which I certainly did not like but at this point thought that there are people waiting and hoping that more will have time before dinner. I quickly signed it, said thanks and ran out of room. Each time, leaving the building of the Federal Migration Service, wanted to wash (why, I think not explain needed).