Europa Clicar


Its appearance was given emabril. Its contamination was well little in the United States, but it provoked danosdifundidos in the exterior. China more than suffered to a damage from US$ 291 million. Turkey and Coreia of the south hardly had been reached. 2000 the LoveLetter virus, set free in the Phillipino, sweeps Europa and the United States in six hours. Infectum about 2,5 million the 3milhes of machines.

It caused damages esteem in US$ 8,7 billion. 2001 ‘ ‘ moda’ ‘ Around 2006 and 2007 had many occurrences devrus in the Orkut that is capable to send scraps (messages) automatically paratodos the contacts of the victim in the social net, beyond stealing passwords and contasbancrias of a micron infectado through the capture of keyboard keys and clicks. Apesarde that those that to receive the message needs to clicar in one link to seinfectar, the existing reliable relation between the friends increases much apossibilidade of the user to clicar without distrusting of that link leads for umworm. When clicar in link, a well small archive is lowered for the dousurio computer. It puts in charge itself to lower and to install the remain of the parts of the plague, that will send the message for all the contacts of the Orkut. Beyond simply seespalhar using the net of the Orkut, the virus also steals passwords of bank, emoutras words, is a Banker classic.

3. Viruses for floppy the destrutveis codes (virus) need a way to paraproliferar in a way of transport where they can contaminate and multiply.> Comosabemos a necessary biological virus of a host, thus also a decomputador virus, using the computer in general way to spread the viruses. When the floppy did not exist pendrivers was one of the used formasmais for the virus to take up quarters. The creator of the virus creates the code in umexecutvel he places and it in a floppy, later executes in a machine ouvrias machines, as a laboratory of computer science or too much rooms, inserindoassim the virus in the computer.