Essential Programs

Introduction. Well, in our day have a PC and is normal, independent of the Windows operating system we choose (XP, Vista), once we have it in our hands the following questions arise: Will the virus that brings good? Can I use MSN to chat instantly with friends? Will my PC builds useless files that are deleted or I have to remove myself? I've heard a lot of P2P programs (Ares, Torrent, emule), from where the bass? What is Spyware? How can I protect myself? I also say I have a firewall, but where does it out? She told me something like disk fragmentation. What is that? Steps. Step # 1 First off is a good antivirus. Most of the best antivirus are paid, ie you buy your license. Within these we find Kaspersky antivirus, Nod 32, Norton, McAfee, and others. However, there are free alternatives, and no less efficient. I have personally tested two free antivirus: AVG Free and Avast Free Edition.

I can say for AVG Free. I had bad experience with this virus, and that he spent all the trojans and my computer was full of viruses and demases. Besides his daily update is really a nightmare, in the sense that you upgrade windows open that are really annoying. Many times he was taken for scan disk every time you lit the PC and stop it was another nightmare. I tell them not to try to remove the system, really brought me problems. Avast Free Edition. My favorite antivirus.