Economically – inexpensive – long-term – ecological until a few years ago presses, decanters and centrifuges also among the standard equipment of each wastewater treatment plant. Sludge dewatering with these mechanical systems is expensive, loud, and labour-intensive. A new way was developed at the beginning of the 1990s, to reduce sludge volume by over 90%: the EKO-PLANT sludge processing ground with reeds. Today she is an established technology with many advantages over the conventional methods. An EKO-PLANT sludge distribution grounding system is an extensive energy eco-technical system and consists of several reeds planted beds, which blend almost seamlessly into the landscape and for many insect and bird species provide a new home as a functioning ecosystem.

Energy costs in operation by up to 90% decline compared to a screen belt press, since only the feeding of filtrate water recirculation pumps must be powered. Additional costs arise only for the Plant inspection, maintenance and care, and the eviction of the beds. The long service life of over 20 years, the low noise and reliability, and last but not least, the Elimination of expenses for chemicals to the flocculation and conditioning result in additional economic benefits. The resulting liquid sludge is applied over several years on the beds. The rest is done by the means of natural processes, such as evaporation, gravity, and the metabolism of reeds and micro-organisms. In addition, the dry residue of organic shares by up to 50% is decimated by mineralization held in addition to the drainage. The long storage period of the material in the supply earthing system causes that operators need to organise the recycling of sludge not more in the short term.

In addition, one gains time in everyday work and flexibility in recovery planning. The efficiency of a sludge ver grounding system when compared to other methods of drainage is in advance of any planning involving the entirety of all Bcwwtp – and recovery steps always accurately calculate the components of construction, operation, exploitation and financing. Address EKO-PLANT development and operating company for eco-technical systems mbH Rainer Kuhlendahl Kadam fountain 11 37249 Neu-Eichenberg + 49 (0) 5542 9361-0 description of the company EKO-PLANT is a development and operating company for eco-technical equipment. As market leader we replace costly, maintenance – free and energy-intensive plants in many fields eco-technical systems. So, the customer saves costs and resources. EKO-PLANT builds sewage sludge shipping ground units that are compared to conventional drainage systems due to their low energy consumption and the natural orientation for economic efficiency, environmental protection and durability.