Diplomas And Certificates Of Participation


We have seen an interesting notice on the Internet that offers diplomas and certificates and says so. These Diplomas are sold to users of Educagratis who have participated in any of the courses available to the portal. Select the Diploma and then ask the course and data to issue it. Later Diploma be sent in PDF format to your email address. The diplomas have a dimension letter size (216 mm x 280 mm), and contain your personal data, the course name and date. Diplomas are issued under the concept of participation in and Chileans have cost $3,500 pesos (U$ 7 dollars or 5 Euros).

In 1989 when I was starting my activity in educational services, I met a Mr Carlos Cangalaya, which was representative of various universities and had a very elegant, well located in Iquitos Office. Thanks to the until today I am linked in any part of the country to these services. Note that different groups of companies, associations, services arrived in Lima supposedly educational. Some offered seminars, other conferences, other courses including sponsored the ugel, finally offer was huge and it was every month. So that later, I started working with a business training center, and I turned out very well, I had students in number almost 600 and woke up the hatred of other educational institutions, to see my success, paying the DREL specialists for that satanicen my activity, to such an extent that they forced me to withdraw from my activities pretending to force me to convert me to CEOPotherwise clausuraban my Center. Because gentlemen preferred to be closed my successful Centre, rather than enter into an educational system in which specialists become your custodians and step, you oblige that passes them money under the table every end of the month, IE: bribe. But the bribe that you require specialists the UGEL of Lima and provinces, is not because your you’re breaching standards, infraccionando provisions, but for which sign you quickly your records of evaluation, your payroll of tuition.