Detection Using Collar

High-tech for dogs tracking using the collar the collar also answers him by means of a SMS and delivered the exact location of the dog. So master and dog will be merged soon. “The collar is an important innovation in the animal welfare sector”, said Mrs Dr. Holscher, veterinarian of the animal action e.V., runaway animals will be found much faster, and so reduces the accident risk for humans and animals “. But the GEO DOG has even more to offer: the pet owner may appoint an area on which the dog can move freely. The garden could be here.

The animal exceeds the defined limit by he ausbuchst, the system warns the owner. Conversely areas can be stored, which the dog never is allowed to enter, such as for example the butcher’s shop in the neighborhood. The animal approaches the sausage shop, the GEO DOG alarm and a looting of the counter is successfully prevented. This is possible using a GPS module built into the collar communicates with satellites, as well as integrated mobile components. This engineering marvel for 299,-no more monthly fees under is action animal the animal welfare organisation people for animals e.V. is one of the largest animal and conservation organisations of in Germany with 210,000 members and 200 cooperation partners. More information & image material at: Dr. med. vet. Tina Holscher, veterinary action animal, Tel: 0177-2451198 action animal people for animals e.V. Press Office Kaiserdamm 97 14057 Berlin Tel.: 030-301038-33 fax: 030-301038-34