Dental Literature

Other sources can be used such as ' ' Describers in Odontologia' ' (DeOdonto), ' ' Index you the Dental Literature' ' ' ' International Nursing' '. In case that they do not be situated describers who express the content can be indicated consecrated terms. The illustrations (drawings, photographs) must be cited as Figures, with its legends in separate and numbered leves, consecutively, in Arabian numbers, after the references. The graphs are represented by the graphical word. Each type of illustration must have the sequential proper numeration of each group. The photographs must be black and white and with contrasts.

Colored photos will not be published, not to be in cases of absolute necessity and the criterion of the Publishing Body, being able to be defrayed by the authors. The position of illustrations must be indicated in the text. Photographic images must be submitted in the form of digital archive in format TIF, with minimum dimension of 10X15 cm and 300 resolution of dpi. They will not be accepted applicatory inserted images in of text (Word) or presentation (Power Point). They will not be accepted images it are of focus. 3.5 The tables and pictures must be represented by the words Table or Picture, be numbered, consecutively, in Arabian numbers, the order where they appear in the text. The legends of tables and pictures must be placed in the superior part of the same ones. In the assembly of tables to follow ' ' Norms of presentation tabular' ' of the IBGE.

The tables are opened in the laterals, elaborated only with horizontal lines of separation in heading and the end. The pictures are closed. The explicativas notes must come in the baseboard of the table. The tables that had been extracted of published works must have permission of author and must in writing be mentioned the origin source.