A domain name is not nothing more than the nickname of an address IP. what it is an address IP? An address IP is a numerical code that represents the place where you find the content through the Internet. An example of an address IP is Instead of typing a long and difficult address IP of being remembered, a domain name helps to write a marcante name to have access the site. For example, is a domain name that points with respect to a specific address IP. The people can remember a name of domain as that is much more easy of being remembered that an extensive numerical code.

The domain names are in all the sites that are used daily. For example, in sites of search as Yahoo, Bind and Google all have corresponding names of domain, and If you already sent an email, then already she used a domain name. For example, when we send an email for, the part that comes after at (@) in this in case that it is the domain name. Now that we have one better understanding of the domain names, can choose a domain name and register it. The name of the domain chosen for the site is a very important decision for the success of the marketing in the Internet. It is very easy to say that if it only must choose a domain that all can remember, however in the majority of the cases it is not so simple to find the domain ideal because the name of desired domain already is registered.

then must be considered a secondary name that intends to use it and that it is so cativante how much the first one. After having chosen the domain name that you desire. Which is the next step? You need to choose a supplier to register the domain name and a supplier of site lodging. He has many suppliers that of these services, but do not offer a quality service. We recommend that you visit this site of lodging to get complete information on our services of domain and lodging.