Construction Vehicles

What to do when in the midst of construction, the failure of one or another technique? In this situation, rescues crane rental new generation. This is a reliable machine with high level of efficiency and comfort in service. If you look around and look closely at the modern buildings, you will notice that all new construction of residential and public facilities are multi-storied giants. Latest technology radically changed the approach to construction operations, greatly expanded its capabilities. But despite these changes, many operations are still carried out using industrial machines. They perform moving and lifting beams, slabs and other materials to the desired height.

When this technique is necessary to consider all the conditions under which the cranes will be used. 1) Ability to install itself heavy structural element or volume unit vnaibolee high and remote mount point of a building or structure, 2) ability to move the mounting technique (without removing) from one building to another, particularly important in the maquila construction of quarterly development, 3) Methods of installation (build-up, rearing, sliding, turning, etc.) 4) Type of facilities and arrangements for its construction (bridges, tunnels, underground reservoirs, pedestrian crossing, embankment or a house of bulk items, modular, prefab, prefabricated, modular), 5) Ensuring ease of installation (good visibility of the workplace, the required lifting speed and landing speed), 6) Cost of parking changes to the cost of mounting, dismounting and mounting rebasing .Stoimosti device paths in relation to specific local conditions, utilization of his time and capacity. Deserve special attention handling devices. The simplest of these are the hooks. Size and shape of these elements are usually standardized. In shape they are divided into horned and antlered. Manufacture of forging or punching of mild steel. When attaching the hook directly to the rope liner is required with eye.

More often they are suspended by a rope with hook clips. Used as slings, clamps and traverses. With them by the connection hook lifting mechanism with the lift constructions. Slings are made from pieces of steel cable of different diameters. By design can be divided into universal, lightweight and mnogovetvevye. Recently vremyapoyavilos significant number of different designs of automatic grippers, designed for lifting the panels and panels. Travers is the beam of channel number is determined by the capacity of transported cargo. It secured an earring, with which the seizure is hung on the crane hook. Locking mechanism consists of a slider with an internal focus and stand with swivel asterisk. Automatic capture works as follows. With his star status tooth wedge slide with respect to stand, with traverse and frame linked to each other, and pull tight hold bearing hooks in the opened state. When planting capture the load frame rests on him and stops, and this element to the slide under their own weight still continues move down, with uporpovorachivaet star of tilt to horizontal. When lifting all the details of moving up. The lower edge of the slide, impacting on the star, turns it into a vertical position, with which it does not preclude further rise traverse relative to the frame. When lifting the hinge-connected with her hooks are rotated around their axes and . And then there is the rise.