Commission WebMoney


For more information on the process of completing the procedure of identification, as well as information about what documents will be needed, you can get on the official websites WebMoney and Yandex Money. And please, please note that the data that you'll send WebMoney, should at all (up to the register) comply with the data you send in Yandex Money. Otherwise, if a bunch of purses may be some problems. Immediately after your account in Yandex Money was 'identified' (notice of What you will receive the requested form of identification in the e-mail address), and a certificate in WebMoney received the status of not less formal, will need to connect your wallets of both payment systems. This can be done with the help of the site Before you begin the process of connection, be sure to read the information posted on the main page of this site. After that, go to wm – authorization.

In the new window, open the drop down menu linking accounts / cards' and click on the logo Yandex Money. Next, open a modal window, which will first need to specify the WMR-wallet to which you want to bind Yandex Money, and then the account number in Yandex Money. After introducing the necessary data, click on 'Create' and you, the first drop-down menu – 'Your account / card' should appear in line with the logo of Yandex Money. If this does not happen, or if the system reported an error, double check again introduced information, please contact support WebMoney. After the merger account in WebMoney and Yandex Money taken, you can easily make exchanges of one currency for another. While doing this both through internal gateway with the Commission at least 4%, as well as through third-party (private) exchangers, with a much smaller commission.

In order to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, we strongly recommend you to search for favorable exchange rates to use monitoring exchangers, since their listing, the only proven exchangers. Indicating the direction of exchange, wmb on Yandex Money, for instance, and click 'Find the best rate', you will get a list of exchange offices generating exchanges in this regard. From this list, you will need to select the exchanger, with the optimal rates and reserves, then, go to his site and follow the instructions of the exchanger. That's it! Now You can easily exchange WebMoney, Yandex Money between themselves.