Circular System

This work will demonstrate to the elements of formation of the circulatrio system since its embriognese to the adaptations sugestionadas in the adult life, moreover, it looks for to elucidate the main mechanisms of pathogenic diffusion in different agencies of the body by means of this saw sistmica. Relative the odontolgicas occurrences to the bacterial infections can be closely related to the circulatrio system for this reason some Prophylaxis techniques have been managed, in order, minimize the effect ocorrentes of patologias of difficult clinical treatment such as the periodontite what it becomes, therefore necessary to the surgeon dentist the ample agreement of this system as saw of this dissemination for different happened regions of the organism of unsatisfactory verbal conditions, being necessary, to adopt adequate procedures to the necessities of each individual for the control of the infection. Word-key: Circulatrio system, long-distance infection, techniques of Prophylaxis. Introduction the circulatrio system understands in a vast net of vases and arteries capable to irrigate through the blood the different agencies and fabrics of the body in order to take oxygen and nutrients to supply its physiological necessities and to deduct from same the products of its excreo such as sweat, tear, piss, excrements beyond the hormone transport of a place to another one, guaranteeing the homostasis of the teciduais liquids and the good cellular functioning of our organism..