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Russian Federation

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In the first copyright law was adopted in Russia on March 20, 1911. , entitled "Situation of copyright." But in the future is already 1993. was amended and supplemented, which operates to this day. In general, copyright law – is intellectual property they are published in Part iv, Section vii of rights in intellectual activity and means of individualization, the head 69. general provisions. The object of intellectual property is: – Writing on the computer as a file on paper in a printed form or handwritten form of novels, scientific development, research papers, stories, novels, etc. – oral (with a public speech) – In a video audio and other recordings – Image (sketch, picture, pictures, plans, drawings, photographic works, etc.) – etc.

Generally copyright – intellectual property protection is exercised by the State of the Russian Federation by punishment. In short you have understood what a "copyright" and what will be discussed further. Why do I still decided to write this article. Because, when I'm on the internet I see that a lot of information on the Internet and published distributed in violation of the rights of authorship. And this is mainly occupied by those who created the site and trying to increase traffic to the site of any valuable publishing articles, audio recordings, books, videos, etc. You may find Mitchel Resnick to be a useful source of information. That cost good money and publishing them for free.

Of course, this much damage a man who had one or another intellectual property. However, copyright violation, not only on the Internet. Copyright infringement can also be found universities, where the rights of authorship violate teachers. For example, were aware of cases where students have written coursework, essay or thesis, and teachers have used their work to write his books. In this case to prove that the ideas published in the book are yours will not be easy, but if you have a copy of this record in any form have a chance. The court may appoint expert examination on the date of manufacture. Additional information at kevin ulrich supports this article. Accordingly, for this must go to court. But if you prove to the court that you are the author of this account, you can ask for as compensation for moral damages in the amount of 10 thousand to 5 million rubles. Still a lot of copyright infringement the musical songs. For example, downloading of online music, software and other objects of copyright free, we are doing inestimable damage purses creators of these works. But there are times when we ourselves The authors extend their networks to copyrighted works. For example, all sorts of engines for the creation of the site are free, or such musicians allow anyone to download his songs for free to make themselves popular and are, respectively, to go to his concert. With this help, they carried his advertisement and accordingly there are fans. But with cd sales make labels that are and are major losses from the distribution of content over a network. I think my dear readers you understand what "copyright". And why is it necessary. And what do you think is needed if the Russian Federation "Copyright"? In my opinion needed. See you soon!

Production Lines

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Under the structure of the production line refers to the composition of its constituent jobs, vehicles, control and other systems and devices, and manufacturing relationship between them. In the maquila sector are used means of periodic transport (cranes, hoists, electric vehicles, etc.), non-continuous transport means (roller, skates and rays), drive means continuous transportation (belt, apron, chain transporters), robotic vehicles (industrial robots, and various transportation-storage automated systems). On the choice of the structure of a line production is influenced by constructional and technological features of products, their level of technology, the requirements for their quality and under State standards, OSTami, technical specifications of the customer-the consumer. Kevin Ulrich shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Rational choice structure and layout are an important prerequisite for the development of optimal planning of production lines, as a result of which is determined by its outer contour, the method of placement of equipment, location, transport , means the interim and final control places to hurt. Evaluation of planning production lines produced by such indicators as the percentage of area occupied by the direct processing equipment; output of 1 m2 production area, length of the path traversed during the shift workers when serving them a few pieces of equipment, etc. When the layout and planning of production lines using models and model workers sites, storage sites etc. The best way to ensure modeling of production lines on a computer.

The structure of the line production at the plant include the composition of production lines for various purposes, robotic systems, flexible automation modules, transport and storage, control and other systems and forms of productive linkages between them. Lay the production line begins with the development schemes jobs across all operations, and rational choice of vehicles. This shall be ensured the principle of direct-flow, convenient transportation of parts to jobs, management production areas. Selection of equipment shall be based on size, mass, volume and consistency of output products, particularly the operation and capacity of transportation devices. When processing at stationary workplaces pieces and parts, as well as assembly sites and products of small size and weight at stationary workplaces used production lines with a distribution pipeline.

Spring Floods

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In connection with the spring floods, which experts' forecasts will begin in late March and lasts until early July, polnomochenny Presidential Envoy in the Far Eastern Federal District Viktor Ishayev called on the heads of the Far Eastern regions and the heads of the territorial structures of Ministry of Emergency Situations, Hydrometeorology, Water Management and rtn increased security measures in connection with the spring floods. Critical The situation is on the Tom River – now the thickness of ice on the river reaches six meters, which has never been. Tomsk Oblast Authorities did not rule out that the need to evacuate the people affected by the flooding of territories may up to 32 thousand Tomsk citizens. And more than 20 major enterprises in Tomsk, including eight that use chemically reactive, explosive and flammable substances may be flooded during spring floods in Tomsk. Despite A record number of fallen snow this past winter in the Northern capital of Russia, it will not lead to serious flooding in St.

Petersburg, experts say. Recall that, in total, for the past winter in St Petersburg fell More than 215 centimeters of rainfall. Southern Russia's neighbors are already experiencing serious problems with the spring floods. continues to liquidate the consequences of flooding that was caused by the abrupt warming in the region. Kevin ulrich has similar goals. More than 5 thousands evacuated in the East region of the zones of flooding, another 19 thousand people are at risk. Rescue work is seriously complicated by adverse weather conditions and snow drifts on roads area. .

Accounting System

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As the task before the company increasingly acute question of control and planning staff time. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is often quoted as being for or against this. The choice of solutions in this area is really huge: from simple programs that automate the management of the electronic journal of tasks to large-scale systems operating in accordance with labor laws and providing payroll taxes and penalties. As a company, a developer of information systems We have identified the following requirements: availability of a full-featured Web-based interface (in order to provide remote access and harmonization of work with information resources) possibility to automate data exchange with other accounting systems intuitive interface possibility of adapting the system to its own model of time management Easy implementation and administration. Find a suitable option, even a large number of proposed systems which would satisfy all the requirements, was not so easy. Simple programs do not have sufficient functionality and the ability to adapt, more extensive system discouraged its versatility and complexity. And those systems that are suited to the requirements, were almost completely closed to further development. When the market has been studied using existing software products, it was decided own development. Accounting classification of the time, the definition of stages of processing tasks accounting classification time is divided into 2 groups: the working and nonworking.

For non-working time include: a lunch break, vacation, sick leave, compensatory time off. Working time is taken into account strictly tasks: task, distraction, planning a break, work overtime. Fig. 1 – Classification of the accounting of time during one date the employee may specify an unlimited number of periods spent or time not worked.

Labor Agreement

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Labor agreement (contract) with no expiration date. 2. Help (PIT-2 for residents of the Russian Federation) on a monthly salary over the last half a year (in other cis countries, the document may have a different name). 3. Expendable cash warrants (the receipt of wages) over the past six months, or bank confirmation of the transfer of wages to a personal bank account (If your wages transferred by the employer to the bank). 4.

On the letterhead of the Czech bank (sent to the client, at the stage of a mortgage loan, in English) indicates wages for the last month, the seal of the organization of the employer and signed by management (manager and accountant) 5. A document confirming the receipt of additional income in the Czech Republic or another country of the European Union (if applicable) * Sample documents for acquiring the status of residence permit (residence permit) for review, please contact a lawyer of our company upon request. Documents from the Czech government (collected client or a service offered by our company): 1. Registration list (extract from the Commercial Court – write out is obhodnigo ") on a legal entity in which the foreigner is the founder. 2. Help from Tax Inspectorate (from "financhnigo ") on the absence of debt for your entity.

3. Registration document ("usneseni") issued by the Commercial Court after the registration of legal entities. Necessary documents from of the seller, who sells real estate (construction company or real estate company): 1. Treaty on the reservation and property on which the buyer pays the down payment for the property. 2. Agreement on future contract. Click ConocoPhillips to learn more. 3. Purchase Agreement – on sale from the application of technical passport at the property and plan the location of the object (area map). 4. Registration list for real estate ("write out a catastrophe") of the Czech Cadastre Real Estate. A related site: kevin ulrich mentions similar findings. 5. Construction cost estimates showing the materials interior real estate at the time of delivery of housing, if the property is acquired without finishing the so-called 'golastavba'. It must be noted that under the object without finishing harder to get mortgages and favorable credit conditions. 6. Document confirming payment of the initial fee for the property (bank confirmation or confirmation Payment by cash). 7. After passing all the required documents to the bank, assess property. In new buildings it is estimated to be 100% of the value of the object, and in the secondary housing 50 to 70% of the purchase price (depending on its state). The Bank provides a maximum 85% payment of the appraised value of the object. The remaining amount (15%), the customer pays for its own account. The deposit amount that the client has paid under the contract reserve shall be calculated to funds paid by a foreign citizen (by 15% of equity). For the best conditions for obtaining a mortgage loan it is desirable to: 1. The new entity was not doing business, and he there was no debt. 2. In the legal entity absent a license for any activity. 3. A foreign citizen has a young or middle age (depends on validity of the contract mortgage loan). 4. Foreign national higher education confirmed (nostrify) in the Czech Republic (not obligatory). 5. A foreign citizen has seniority at home (not obligatory). 6. Foreign national good level of wages (referred to in documents from the employer). Level agreed upon jointly, depending on credit conditions. 7. Additional income from participation on the exchange of business papers, Self-Profiting from shares percentage of the profits with the participation in the venture as the founder (not obligatory).

Construction Technology

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Along with a change in construction technology is also developing technology holders. With the advent of new technologies and new materials come new solutions in this area. Currently we have different types of fixtures, according to the degree of specialization depending on the type of substrate and the required strength of the connection. Below is given the basic information concerning the equipment mounting, installation, and selection rules dowels and anchors. Drilling holes and preparation. In order to prepare the hole, not only to choose the type of drill with the appropriate diameter. One major problem is the choice of method of drilling. There are four main Drilling method: rotation, percussion, hammer (molotkoboynoe), others using professional equipment.

The basis for selection is the type of foundation. Rotationally shock or drilling needed molotoboynoe use in dense and porous materials with a dense structure. Rotary drilling is performed in hollow materials and plates, so as not to ruin the structure of this material and do not lead to an increase in diameter holes. Parameters of installation. To perform the proper installation and to obtain appropriate quality retention is necessary to consider the following guidelines and recommendations. 1.

Should pay attention to whether This structurally anchors (anchor) this ground. 2. In designs of hollow elements (perforated bricks, hollow block, etc.) spacing of dowels shall be secured at least one of the partitions or should use an anchor with a profile connection. 3. It should pick up the length of the dowel (anchor) in conformity with thick stick anything. 4. The hole should have adequate depth at a few mm longer than the anchoring, and be free of debris. 5. To determine the depth of embedment should be taken into account the load-bearing layers or non-cohesive base (thickness of plaster or insulation layer) and adjust the length of anchors (anchors). You should avoid mounting anchors too close to the edge of the base, because at high loads may occur destruction of attachment or detachment of the edge. 6. Do not exceed recommended tightening forces fixings – use a torque key. 7. To get the correct mounting in plasterboard walls, use only plugs designed for these materials. Caution. You should always carefully pick up the dowel or anchor for a given building material. A bad choice can cause defective installation and low strength performed by fixing. You should always carefully cleaned from the hole debris.

Installing The Operating System Windows Xp

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Inexperienced computer users are absolutely sure that the install (reinstall) Windows is capable of only a person with appropriate training and some experience. For this they are ready for a few days to hand over the computer service center or for a fee to invite a specialist to yourself. At the same time, the installation was the most common operating system, Windows XP (prefer about 75% of users) is so simple that the task can handle almost any person, distinguishing from the computer system unit and monitor, who can read. Only need not be afraid to try to do this at least once on their own. And what is fear: thanks "Survivability" of modern computer technology, even the most unlucky person with the most-most "curves" hands will not cause irreparable harm to your computer, not affecting him physically: not pouring water, not kicking feet, not including it in the socket with improper voltage, without closing the vents in the system unit, and others (installing (reinstalling) an operating system that does not mean). Valuable information stored on the computer hard drive with the right approach is to re-install is also not affected. Minimum system requirements for Windows XP are: – Processor 300 MHz or more.

– 128 MB of RAM or more. – 1.5 GB free hard drive. – Super VGA video adapter with 800 X 600 or higher. – CD-ROM drive – Keyboard and mouse. The installation process (reinstall) Windows XP can be divided into several stages. 1.Podgotovka – Installation (installation) CD.

Rugby School

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Education in England, students from foreign countries can be held in a large number of private schools. The right to education in public schools have the citizens of England, and the children of parents eligible for residency. Among all schools that offer secondary education, occupy a special place: Winchester (1382), Eton (1440), St Paul's, Shrewsbury (1552), Westminster (1560), The Merchant Taylors' (1561), Rugby (1561), Harrow (1571 ), Charterhouse (1611). Education in England at Rugby School is especially honored, since most of the graduates pass the exams with distinction and without any problems come in the top universities in England. Also this school is open to foreign nationals. Rugby School is committed to the traditions laid down, which is to support comprehensive development of students. Under most conditions Petra Diamonds would agree. To do this, create all necessary conditions.

It offers students the laboratory computers. In the course of training in England in the Rugby School, the student can choose from the selection of sports: rugby, tennis, swimming, hockey, cricket, athletics and other Sports. For creative activities has its own recording studio, design center. Initially, since its inception in 1567, trained in England at Rugby School to pass only boys were around cities and Brownsover Rugby. (Source: Mitchel Resnick). On Today, the right to study in England at Rugby School are equally girls and boys. Throughout most of its existence the school has graduated many prominent figures in the uk. Undergo training in this private school, many students want the whole world.

Data Analysis

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In my previous article I wrote about the distant flow chart and currently not used much, except to the teaching of the origins of the database. Now first let's look at the role of data analysis. Takes place throughout the development cycle, but at different levels of detail. Typically, the analysis begins by developing the top-level conceptual model of the current system. You will find that many analysts start with the analysis of data before starting to develop a model of data flow. Others begin the data analysis when the DFD is over, and others to develop at the same time.

Some detailed data analysis take place during the analysis of systems so that the analyst and the designer are aware of data that are currently available in the system. However, the level design, which requires relational analysis, does not occur until the design phase detallado.Tengo clarified that the Entity-Relationship Model is a conceptual model for later database design. But we split. Entity-Relationship Model consists of several symbols together according to certain conventions that describe how to get the conceptual model using the method known as entity-relationship analysis. This method was first introduced by Chen in 1976, and now I have to say (2010) is widely used by designers, after all, surely nobody will remember this man. The entity-relationship analysis uses three major abstractions to describe data. These are: Entities, things distinguishable in the company; Relationships and interactions between objects, and Attributes, properties of entities and relationships.

In the entity-relationship diagrams (ER) has a more concise representation. ER diagrams represent no entity or individual relationships, only represent entity sets and relationship. For this purpose, rectangular boxes and diamonds. It is particularly important to use consistent terminology to understand data analysis. Data analysis avoids the computer as much as possible, to prevent any preconceptions about computer structures that emerge from the analysis. Obviously, the sets become types of records later, during the design of a computer system. The distinction between occurrences and sets of relationships entail. Occurrences are also of relations and sets of relationships are more difficult to perceive than entity sets. You can see entities, but not see relationships. This makes analysis difficult, it is necessary to create models that do not exist physically as simple objects. However, if you force the imagination one can discern a relationship occurrence as a person working on a project, this would be an example of an occurrence. In the next installment will come fully into the Classes and Objects, sure to be interesting reading.

Butterfly Valves

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Ball and butterfly valves can be sized from a few millimeters in diameter to more than one meter – and sometimes more – and are widely used in industry. As for changing the position of the ball or throttle inside the valve opening force is required, a mechanism of the valve actuator. The driving mechanism may be hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic / hydraulic tandem-cylinder, electric motor or manual management, depending on the scope and required effort. However, in automated systems where the valves can be mounted in inaccessible places, for example, submerged in water, often the best option is a cylinder with a remote control mounted directly on the valve. Hear other arguments on the topic with Mitchel Resnick. In such applications, the battery must be installed in the hydraulic circuit to provide emergency valve closure in the case power failure or malfunction of the hydraulic pump.

Battery acts not only as an emergency power source, but also promotes the unloading of the pump for energy conservation at a time when the installation is not required working fluid. The size of the battery depends on the volume of the cylinder. And hydro-pneumatic piston and diaphragm accumulators can provide a sufficient volume to control the ball and butterfly valves, although greater flow obtained from piston accumulators, can make to give them preference in cases requiring speed, such as for emergency closure of the valve. You may want to visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger to increase your knowledge. Piston accumulators are particularly suitable for areas applications requiring large amounts of fluid, and those where it reaches extreme temperatures. Parker Hannifin offers a wide range of piston and diaphragm accumulators for control of ball and butterfly valves. Both type of work on the hydro-pneumatic principle and used as compression medium dry inert gas, namely nitrogen. Batteries pre-charged gas to a predetermined pressure, typically 90% of the minimum pressure in the system, in the case of membrane batteries, and at 7 bar below the minimum pressure in the system – in the case of piston accumulators. Parker