Canyon Duel


War of ganguesO way Career, as always, is the main plate, practically englobando everything what ' ' Need will be Speed: Carbon' ' it can offer, with average duration of 14 hours. The cars are divided in three categories: Muscle (excellent good new), Exotic and Tuner. Soon after to choose one of them, you can evaluate if he is same what better if she incases in its style, before buying. Then, you are presented to the new features in the way Career, that now has a map, divided in some parts, that a tray of &#039 remembers very; ' War' '. The city is dominated by gangs and the main objective is, of course, to conquer the possible maximum of territories.

It occurs, however, that its domnios can be attacked by rivals – the gangs Bushido, Kings and Los Colibres -, then, to the times, is necessary to run (literally) to defend them. The last duel for the domain of a territory is against one ' ' chefe' ' – normally, she is the leader of the gang. They are ' ' batalhas' ' truily stopped to the part, in the way Canyon Duel, and that you can make to sweat to be successful. The plot continues flat, superficial and hollywoodiano, but the effort in adding is notable, at least, a little more than aiming to history. Not only the gangs have name and proper identities, but throughout the game you go to know its respective members, in a tram lead for many dialogues and personages. It is not no wonder, but, in if treating to a race game, he is of good size. The policy continues in the pursuit of the corridors, then each zone possesss a measurer that it shows how much area is aimed at by the law. If it will be ' ' quente' ' others, are great the possibility of the straps to appear to make it difficult its life still more.