Business Management


"Without gold fall in all values, simplicity fall all the virtues." Tomas Carrasquilla The dynamics of modern business management application that performs its functions in an effective, proactive, where the secretary plays a role , collaboration very important achievement. The secretary in the present must have a series of requirements, features good performance appraisal, are a guarantee of effectiveness, successful collaboration for management to achieve its objectives. Being a secretary is a profession rather than a trade, much more than just a springboard to reach out to another post, and so much more than a pastime. It is an important position, not by anything the newspapers every day and everywhere seeking a number of highly qualified secretaries. It is often said that the secretary is the first image of the institution to outsiders: both for those who come to her, as well as for those who stay away, for the latter to through correspondence and telephone. The figure of the secretary continues to evolve as the company continues to evolve, and we can not specify to what extent that evolution is due to it.

Every day is most momentous in modern society the role of business and it seems that every day is more important in the company secretary. We see it as a promoter, as an entertainer, as coordinator, as an executive, as assistant to close and active in major decisions. What might these characteristics? Suedi Leon Jimenez, gives us some, like, be credited with the utmost confidence.