Building Machines

Traction control system allows for on and off all the differentials immediately while driving. With the simultaneous inclusion of differential Simultaneous rotation of all wheels. Usually applied multi-disc brakes, working in the oil and planetary wheel drives. These components are usually mounted in a single block of axle. Leading Manufacturers articulated haulers Volvo, Caterpillar and Komatsu transmissions using self-made. Other company Terex, Astra, Bell, Moxy used transmission ZF-known companies and Allison. JSC "Chelyabinsk Road-Building Machines" is used Transmission from ZF and bridges of firm Raba.

The company uses Bell bridges of its own design and manufacture. The use of an articulated frame and a hydraulic control system of rotation of feedback allows you to accurately and smoothly manage the rotation, reaching a high mobility vehicle. Typically, the angle of the folding sections of the frame is from 380 to 450 (each way), which allows the operator to rotate and maneuver the front module in the heavy traffic conditions, achieving high cross. The mechanism of coupling the front and rear sections of the frame has two degrees of freedom. The mechanism is a joint unit with vertical and horizontal joints. The vertical hinge allows the front section to rotate relative to the rear.

Flapping hinge allows the rear frame sections pumped around the longitudinal axis, providing a constant contact with the ground when the wheels overcoming obstacles. The use of three-point, requiring no maintenance, the front axle suspension allows the wheels swing bridge in the range of 60, thus ensuring constant contact with the ground wheels in overcoming the major irregularities and helps to reduce dynamic loads on the front poluramu. The use of some models of the special balancing beam rear bogie helps unload the rear of the frame and to ensure uniform distribution of load between the rear-axle vehicles. Using the body of a symmetric design with protivoprosypnym fence, which are made from high-strength sheet steels increased hardness and wear resistance to abrasion, can dispense with the use of anti-plate (liner).