Asia Minor

And, of course, Armenia as a weak state is doomed to more serious consequences. "Sweeten the bitter pill" for Armenia and the Armenian diaspora political technology designed such tricks, such as recently published French newspaper "Le Figaro" Turkey map with marked routes on it energodostavlyayuschih strategic communications, which "reminded" of what land held by the Turks to the present day are the territories of Armenia under the returning Sevres peace treaty in 1919 Readers might wonder – where in all these twists and turns the place for Artsakh problem and recognizing the independence of Nagorno-Karabakh Armenians, and also for Azerbaijan, seeking again (this time – with the help of superpowers) to enslave Artsakh and its population? We admit – there is no place in the new "great game" of international politics. This conflict is merely acts as a minor obstacle retarding the transformation of the geopolitical space, sandwiched between Iran, Russia and Turkey. Well, the program for which the region now been introduced is the current version of the settlement Armenian-Turkish relations, apparently, is an American. It ceased to be a mystery just after Turkey under pressure from Russia in order to further promote his plan to "Caucasus Platform" at the end of June this year after all agreed that without the full and widespread participation of Iran to create a purely regional framework for peace, stability and security is impossible, and netselesooobrazno, and began separate talks with Tehran on Iran's involvement in the creation of "Caucasus Platform". We agree: the participation in a single structure of Russia, Iran and Turkey on security issues at all would rule out intervention in the affairs of no only the Caucasus but also the whole of the Caucasus as a whole (as well as throughout the Near East and Asia Minor) from the U.S. and the West in general. That intervened developments Obama, Biden and Clinton, since July 2009.

As a result, we have what we have – the prospect of large geopolitical fire, the flames of which, incidentally, may in some way "disappear" is not only Turkey, but also Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Artsakh, perhaps even some country … Of course, you can (and would sense) and specify the consequences that will create an independent Kurdistan and the Kurdish autonomy with clearly defined geographical boundaries in place of the current eastern part of Turkey to the Arab Middle East and Israel, and it is not excluded in the aspect of its Russian part. We do not rule out – and for Afghanistan and Pakistan to Central Asian republics, etc. But this is just a perenasytilo information and speculative versions of our material. However, it should be mentioned – according to some political analysts, the emergence of an independent Kurdistan can supposedly be in the interests of … Armenia and Russia. However, in our opinion, it is not so clear, so to show a storm of joy in connection with the aspirations of the moment approximation of Kurdish ethnicity. And why, say, the Armenians especially rejoice in the fact that, according to the plans of the U.S. in a future united Kurdistan will native Armenian land, including Kars with Van? So today, Armenia, when signed by the protocol, effectively legitimizing the Turkish occupation of Kars, signed, and that in the future, when the border will have on the Araks with Kurdistan, rather than with Turkey, Armenia will again be "silent" about the Kars region. It remains only to understand, what is the benefit of Russia. And Iran, for that matter.