Amazon World

It is the country that tries to invade the planet of genetically modified seeds do not know that irreparable damage they may cause in the body, in order to charge the respective patents that poor countries should pay resignedly although this costs them go hungry. These seeds throughout is coolly calculated are for planting only once and point. But where would the business? The poor farmer will have to buy and buy all this age if you want to continue living on the land. It is the country that invents pandemics, that poor countries or countries captive or as one wants to understand it, spent a millionaire in vaccines, postponing the fight against hunger and need. It is the country which as been seen that the wealth of the world is hidden in huge quantities in the Amazon, has now declared that this is world heritage and that they care jealously. And, finally, my dear friend, how to sample just a button and now I will throw the cabin, is the country who some years ago christened El Cartel Gringo, because it is the main beneficiary with drug trafficking which they say combat. To begin with the more guys, will refer to marijuana, for example, are sowing in large quantity in that country as its consumption which is not prohibited.

It is only pursued mercilessly outside its territory. And with regard to heavy drugs, I don’t have the figures in these moments to hand, but in his alleged fight against the scourge of drugs, they invest only a small percentage of all you earn when the dirty money of the whole planet arrives at Wall Street for washing, despite all laws against that wash despite the redundancy that they have created. It is the country that has as high technology, which can perfectly portray the plate of a car, but can not find the Lord from its satellites that give back to the ORB, Osa bin Laden; is the country that has race from time to time publish a list with all the drug lords, but that may not grab any and fill the prisons of the world only with unhappy people that for a second he thought leaving poor becoming in Burrier, who are lures used to attract the attention of the journalism and public opinion, when real loading weighed in tons, must pass piola to reach destination.