Advertising Online

Online advertising is leading this media dispute. According to a report by the Federal Association of Germany Digital economy (BVDW), ads in internet staged an escalation of 26% over the previous year to reach 5,400 million of gross turnover in 2010. It is the first time that online advertising outperforms the classical printed advertising in Germany. In this way, the web already accumulates 19.2% of the media mix, while the written press has to settle for a 19%. Online media are today indispensable to connect globally with all types of target audience, explains Paul Mudter, President of the BVDW circle of Online advertising. In the field of online advertising, stronger growth was again played by display ads.

With a growth rate of 25%, these raised more than 3 billion euros in sales for the first time. Online advertising formats that higher growth scored in 2010 were videos pre-roll, with an accumulated investment of 45 million of euros and a plus of 118%, and wallpapers, with a cumulative of 250 million euros and a 78% plus investment. Considerably less was the growth of search marketing, with an increase of 15% compared to 2009, and affiliate marketing, which registered a plus of just 10% last year, advises Horizont. By sectors, were service companies that invested the most in online advertising in 2010. Its disbursement in ads on the internet reached 401,3 million euros.

In particular, were classes of automobile, cosmetics and trade by mail that most bet on online advertising in the past year. Also in the food sector doubled its advertising investments in the network in 2010 and managed to position itself in the Top 10 markets with increased investment in online advertising in the last year. Looking to 2011, BVDW predicts a 16% growth in online advertising, whose gross turnover volume could overcome the barrier of 6,000 million euros in the coming months.