ADSL Connection

The first way to connect to the Internet – dial-up. You can call him and the oldest. Dial-up is also called "dial-up>> connection or dial-up line. Great parties of such a connection method are its low cost and ease of connection. To use dial-up you need is a telephone line and an ordinary modem. I must say, pushes Internet users from this type of connection the excess defects, because the rate of data is quite small (the best option – 56 kbit / s), it often takes a disconnection (especially if you have bad phone lines). One of the major drawbacks is employment of the telephone line in time of the modem and the inability to realize the connection when you're talking on the phone. Yes, when you connect dial-up you're not just paying providers for services rendered, but the pay phone bills using telephone lines.

The next type of Internet connection is a leased line. With this method, the telephone line remains free, you can reside in the Internet service charge may made both by time spent online, and quantity of traffic. Faster download speed is an asset (often providers guarantee the data rate of more than 2 megabits per second). K Disadvantages are the high cost of installation work on the organization itself dedicated line, the more value of the Internet (but nowadays there is a tendency for providers aimed at decrease in prices due to high competition in the market). Unfortunately, not always possible to conduct a dedicated line to your house so often have no providers of technical capability for such a connection.