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Italian Landscape

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It is noteworthy that in recent years foreign landscape companies know and are interested in the development of the landscape industry in Ukraine and, in particular, the specialists in our region, offering all kinds of cooperation. In July this year, taking advantage of the invitation, specialists of "Pimpernel" was visited by one of the known major Italian nurseries. Pleased that the leadership of the nursery has expressed confidence in us and offered to cooperate in any format, concerning the landscape industry. We hope that in the future, and other representatives of our region will be able to prove himself at international level, for example, becoming a member of the International Public organization, which is in accordance with the Charter sets itself not only the global objectives and targets, but it will solve all issues, to some extent on the landscape industry. At this point the process ends registration of the organization, the idea of which arose a few years ago. The company "Pimpernel" is one of its founders, and so, of course, is preparing to open a branch in our city.

And in conclusion. Very I would like to Dnipropetrovsk landscaping company had the opportunity (and most importantly – the desire) – to take an active and direct participation in creating not only projects, but specifically a hand in planting our beautiful city! Is very interested! And also – you successful and fruitful work in the exhibition "Flowers of Ukraine – 2010"! Vitaly V. Molodichenko Commercial Director floral center "Flora-market" (Dnepropetrovsk).


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Due to the variety of visions we create our own map to success, our own joys of good results. We can take ideas and suggestions of those who have advanced in this way but we cannot continue them as soon as we receive them. These must be analyzed and located in the correct segment of our map, to not divert our path to success surely is in front of us. How to create our own map to success on the internet? The first thing we must be clear is that our goal is to win, not to compete, good athletes by a gesture of kindness decided to say that the important thing is to compete not to win. And I gave them five points when you hear that phrase but today prefer to ask them again and I have been to duty, because I say this, simple it is actually important to compete and it has a value nearly as important as the win. If you don’t compete you were not in any side, you being in the stands and you will become a spectator, without however, if you compete, not only that you enter a part of a world in motion if not you have the responsibility to win, if I listes well, you have the responsibility to win for those who are in the stands by encouraging you, may be your family, perhaps your friends or even your children. Having clear that our objective is to win we must define our first guidelines towards where we want to go, must locate our abilities and skills, become resources that allow us to continue growing and strengthening our opportunities of alcazar success. The passion of the largest tool Blogger to take the blogger loves to share, participate and express, has a different way of reporting has a spark that transformed the navigation on the Internet.

That spark should be exploited, their shared ideas, his published thoughts. Blogger is a hobby for many, and if it is still for you is time that you continue believing so. That you keep thinking that it is a hobby while you grow up, get your hobby to produce capital, beam that your hobby allows you to undertake. As do my hobby allows me to undertake? It is a hobby do it for passion, you do it because you like it, do it for your blog, because you do not spend 1 hour more per day and you do it for someone more? You do not abandon your blog, you don’t leave your hobby but capitalizes on your passion, generates resources invests in your blog, improve it, not with your money if not with the money your hobby that produces (don’t miss anything, don’t spend a penny in your Pocket). You don’t deviate or you emotions, do not want to grow overnight overnight, remember this is just a hobby to start, so I only get to grow your skills and your passion for the bloggin allows you to turn your blog into a portal to enter the world of online monetization (then begin to take, although probably without realising it has already thing are you doing). Note. This is the introduction of our book online if you want one copy free sign up in the Forum on the internet and solicitala to the Administration!

Highly Scalable Route Business Controlled And Sustainable

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Flexibility in the implementation of different partners and business models Munich, 25th July 2013 the VirtualStock drop shipping management software makes it easy online trading, to expand its product range to include new direct suppliers and to achieve a clear sales plus in a short time. Since logistics costs and capital for stocks, Internet trade increases the value of shopping cart with additional cross – or up-selling, without at the same time increasing the investment, costs and administrative burden. In addition, online merchants can benefit from different payment terms, by directly receives the money from the customer and paid its direct suppliers according to agreed billing cycle. The cloud-based software solution VirtualStock drop shipping ensures the full control authority over the delivery processes online trading to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and profitability of lines of business. It is easy to control the delivery of the partners with VirtualStock drop shipping and the availability of the offer to ensure. Transparency allows the online trading to evaluate direct suppliers and to select the best, E.g.

internationalisation and expansion into new markets without fostering investment risks. An unlimited number of manufacturers and direct suppliers in a few simple steps include flexibility in the implementation of different partners and business models with the modular and individually configurable VirtualStock drop shipping solution retailers. While the entire sales process is mapped consistently, so that the retailer consistently retains control. At the same time the online retailer can set flexible, whether he uses its direct suppliers as partners in the background or in his Web shop enables you a stand-alone brand. Equally flexible, VirtualStock drop shipping management system supports different roles and task distribution between distributors and partners. So can the dealer E.g. on an active participation of the direct suppliers when updating the product data, thereby ensuring that goods of the customer expected execution, quality and delivery time is actually available.