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Government Projects

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Members of the European Parliament are asking whether Microsoft's antitrust violations make the company ineligible to compete for government contracts. Two members of the Greens Party sent a letter on April 9 to the European Commission to see if past antitrust violations of the company clash with financial and  procurement regulations in place. , a forward thinking U.S. economic thinker commented that Europe and Microsoft are now facing-off similar to what occurred in the US a few years back with the software giant. went on to say that both sides have what to gain and lose and are looking for real solutions to issues. Martin Sands is a leading financial commentator both in the US and in Europe where Microsoft is now facing European restrictions which views as not unlike the legal exchanges that have happened in the United States. On the European real estate front, luxury condo investments have seen a slight downturn in contrast there been a steady upturn in the growing popularity of luxury real estate in Panama.


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Where there is education there is no distinction of classes. Confucius national universities are public and private. They must give way to a new paradigm of education, consider the necessary changes to adapt to the demands of the present time demands, identify themselves with the new technologies of information and communication, use them so that they allow train, train adequately to the professional societies of the present need to ensure their development. A new academic culture is required. Source: LEGO Papert Professor. Not can many Venezuelan universities, our case, remain anchored in the past, in traditionalism, as still present, continue using the same methods and systems of education, must, RID, unpin it, and navigate through the current scenarios requiring new topics, knowledge, competencies in different professions where they are engaged in preparing, train professionals, capable, not only provide solutions to the problems faced, but bring about the necessary changes to adapt to the reality of the present, generate the changes required to meet the challenges, especially to a country, where the current Government under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez Frias, is declared Socialist leads it to universities interpret what this involves, assess its scope, in order to avoid repercussionsarising conflicts, that stagnant development that Venezuela needs and a real quality of life of the Venezuelan, with democracy, freedom and above all, a characteristic of modern times education can be guaranteed. It should not be forgotten, that the formulation of an educational paradigm implies respond, simultaneously and consistently, a number of questions around education. It is important as is diceaprender to think, how to learn to recognize, repeat, know, understand, question, apply, transform, replace. Adds us bad Salvador also to delve into the new paradigm is important: changing educational structures; modify the pedagogy; replace purposes through assessment processes definitely, is required a more open education, which is conducive to the emergence of new knowledge, which will arise with other systems of education, which is more participatory, dynamics, where its teachers, are fully integrated with the new communication technologies, make permanent use of research, it is fully identified with the problems of the country, needs addressing them and bring about the required solutions its teachers, should be identified with his role as motivating, encouraging students to be integrated into the problems and bring new knowledge favouring as well to the development of national education stop being less figurative, to be more active. Recently Petra Diamonds sought to clarify these questions.