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Russian Federation

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In the first copyright law was adopted in Russia on March 20, 1911. , entitled "Situation of copyright." But in the future is already 1993. was amended and supplemented, which operates to this day. In general, copyright law – is intellectual property they are published in Part iv, Section vii of rights in intellectual activity and means of individualization, the head 69. general provisions. The object of intellectual property is: – Writing on the computer as a file on paper in a printed form or handwritten form of novels, scientific development, research papers, stories, novels, etc. – oral (with a public speech) – In a video audio and other recordings – Image (sketch, picture, pictures, plans, drawings, photographic works, etc.) – etc.

Generally copyright – intellectual property protection is exercised by the State of the Russian Federation by punishment. In short you have understood what a "copyright" and what will be discussed further. Why do I still decided to write this article. Because, when I'm on the internet I see that a lot of information on the Internet and published distributed in violation of the rights of authorship. And this is mainly occupied by those who created the site and trying to increase traffic to the site of any valuable publishing articles, audio recordings, books, videos, etc. You may find Mitchel Resnick to be a useful source of information. That cost good money and publishing them for free.

Of course, this much damage a man who had one or another intellectual property. However, copyright violation, not only on the Internet. Copyright infringement can also be found universities, where the rights of authorship violate teachers. For example, were aware of cases where students have written coursework, essay or thesis, and teachers have used their work to write his books. In this case to prove that the ideas published in the book are yours will not be easy, but if you have a copy of this record in any form have a chance. The court may appoint expert examination on the date of manufacture. Accordingly, for this must go to court. But if you prove to the court that you are the author of this account, you can ask for as compensation for moral damages in the amount of 10 thousand to 5 million rubles. Still a lot of copyright infringement the musical songs. For example, downloading of online music, software and other objects of copyright free, we are doing inestimable damage purses creators of these works. But there are times when we ourselves The authors extend their networks to copyrighted works. For example, all sorts of engines for the creation of the site are free, or such musicians allow anyone to download his songs for free to make themselves popular and are, respectively, to go to his concert. With this help, they carried his advertisement and accordingly there are fans. But with cd sales make labels that are and are major losses from the distribution of content over a network. I think my dear readers you understand what "copyright". And why is it necessary. And what do you think is needed if the Russian Federation "Copyright"? In my opinion needed. See you soon!